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Balls In Court

channel the arab from office space

one person i work with is a black woman. i think she is hilarious and says the funniest things. granted white people really aren’t funny in comparison. yesterday this is what she said:

“the ball’s in my court and i’m shooting for three.”

i laughed for a solid few minutes. but now i’m wondering if i can say it. will it sound strange coming from my mouth? i’ll be like the arab guy from the movies who trys to fit in with the black people by repeating what they say. that guy always is good for a laugh…you can’t take him seriously.


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Are You Married?

after meeting one of my coworkers one of the first questions she asked me was, “are you married?”  and before i could really analyze the question and formulate a response, i said, “no.”  “wow, you answered that fast,” she replied.  i mean, i guess it’s nice for some people and in certain situations i would agree.

today i went out to my car for a trip to IHOP when i noticed a low tire.  normally this is when i would call my dad and he would come fix it.  seeing that he is in massachusetts…that wasn’t happening.  i had to do it myself.  i thought about my options.  i could put on a spare and take it to get fixed or drive it as is till i found a service station.  if you know me well enough, you know i did the latter. 

i’ve never changed a tire, and never will…that’s what AAA is for.  however, i can at the least check my oil…changing it is a different story.  point being: having a husband or at least a boyfriend would have made this process much easier.  there’s certain things girls are good at (and by girls i mean most…but a shocking amount a girls i know aren’t good cooks) and there’s things boys are good at, and in my mind cars is one of them.

but until then, it’s up to me unless i come into a lot of money and can afford to hire someone to take care of those manly duties.

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The Guy Every Girl Needs

(^ that’s me…well kinda)

There’s one type of guy every girl needs in her life, one who treats her like a queen and constantly compliments her beauty.  Since most boyfriends don’t qualify he can come in the from of a great gay friend, but coming from a straight guy is so much better.  I’ve found this type of guy in an unusual place, my work. 

This guy constantly asks me out and tells me how pretty I am…so it’s hard to leave there without my ego being inflated.  One time I walked in so upset and depressed so he told me I didn’t have to do anything, he would do my work for me.  He went on vacation for a month and before he left he told me I would miss him, but I thought, “Why would I?” 

So while he was gone, work was not nearly as great and I actually dreading going because the other guy I was working with was so outrageous.  He would say things that I didn’t know how to respond to, such as “better late than pregnant.”  Luckily the guy I actually like working with got back last week and today was showing me pictures from his trip.  He kept saying things like “your boy’s a hot ticket” (referring to himself) and asked which picture I would take and put on nightstand.  I just laughed instead of shooting him down, but on my way out he slipped one of the pictures in my bag. 

I only have 4 more weeks of work unless I decide to stay for the summer.  I will treasure these last few weeks and soak up every compliment that I receive.

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Cosmo’s Best Places To Meet Men


According to Cosmopolitan magazine, there are ten best places to meet men.

  1. Apple Store
  2. Weight Room
  3. A Fortune 500 or Tech Company
  4. A Political Rally
  5. A sports bar on Sunday or Monday Night
  6. Boston; Paradise, Nevada; Jacksonville, North Carolina
  7. A volleyball league
  8. Grad school coffee shop
  9. A rock climbing center
  10. A steak house

After examing the list myself, I can only agree with one of them: grad school coffee shop.  Let’s sort out why the rest are poor choices.

1. Apple Store – when most men are drawn to a stimulus they don’t like to be bothered with anything else.  When in a store filled with laptops, iPods, iPhones, they are there for that reason.  They don’t go there looking to meet people, so if it’s not in their head, you’d have to go really out of your way to meet them.

2. Weight Room – at school my gym has two different floors.  Most girls are on the bottom floor that is full of ellipticals, treadmills, and other cardio machines.  Upstairs is where all the guys go to lift.  There are other machines up there, but unless you’re lifting next to them there’s no use.  Most likely you’ll just get scared away by all the grunting and other strange noises that they make.

3. Fortune 500 or tech company – what a stereotype.  I think it’s safe to say you’ll meet men at a lot of jobs, obviously there are some exceptions where straight men don’t come in big numbers (hair salons, retailers, and elementary schools).  This place would be good if you’re looking for a man with money, but you’re that shallow you’re on your own.

4. Political rally – as stated in #1: when most men are drawn to a stimulus they don’t like to be bothered with anything else.  If they’re really involved in a campaign and you have no interest in it, they have no interest in you being there, you’ll just be in their way.  Don’t pretend to be a Hilary supporter at a rally, when you spend every other day hating her guts (for obvious reasons).

5. Sports Bar – as stated in #1: when most men are drawn to a stimulus they don’t like to be bothered with anything else.  As my brother once told his girlfriend, who knew nothing about football, “all you need to know is that I am busy Sunday from noon on.” If you don’t care about the game, get out of there; otherwise you’ll just seem as a nuisance.

6. Cities – again this is obvious, go to a city where there are a lot of people you’re age.  If you’re a young guy or girl find a college town, or a city like New York, D.C., Boston, etc. where a lot of people go for jobs after they graduate.  I think it’s apparent that you don’t want to be a city filled with retirement communities….it leaves you with few or no options.

7. Intramural League – not a bad choice, but the downside is that all the guys on your team will view you as a teammate and will quickly categorize you as a friend.  If want a guy to be interested in you, this is the last thing you want.  You never want to be one of the guys either.  You don’t need to be that girl diving to make a catch, stay feminine…wear cute shorts, tank top, and pigtails with bows.

8. Coffee Shop – the best choice.  It’s almost like a bar for the day time.  Lots of people bring work and let’s face it, they want to be distracted.  It’s worked for me and a friend in the past.  Give it a try.

9. Rock Climbing Center – this does not help you’re feminine factor in anyway.  You don’t want a guy to see you dripping in sweat, not your best look.

10. Steak House – what are you going to do, go up to a table of guys while they’re eating?  How ridiculous!  What was cosmo thinking?  According the the mag, the draw is: Guys are hitting up steak joints a lot these days for dinner (especially after work or a ball game) and bachelor parties.  If you’re looking for a serious relationship, I don’t think I need to tell you but, you should not meet a man at a bachelor party.

Stick to your coffee shops, meeting people through friends or friends of friends (this way you know their back story…an important key), and other non-drinking locales.  If you meet men when they’re sober, you have a better chance at a real relationship.  And I hate to say it but, if you only see a man when he and/or you are drunk forget about it.

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High Anxiety Levels


I think I need anxiety pills.  I find myself constantly worrying about everything that I have to do.  Like today after class I started freaking out because I kept a running list in my head of all the things I need to do.  What I’m not doing is realizing that most of that list can be accomplished in just a couple of hours, instead I freak out and think it’s going to take the rest of the day.  So instead of sitting down for a nice relaxing lunch with my roommates, I ate freakishly fast (which I do normally since I don’t really chew my food).  I didn’t sit and talk like I usually do; when I finished I got up and ran back to my room as fast as I could.  I then started on my work and realized two hours later I was finished.  Why do I do this?

The same happens when I think about getting a job next year.  Rather than thinking rationally and thoroughly, I panic; yet before I know it I did everything I wanted to.  I filled out applications, sent in resumes, and made calls, etc.  Even in my head I know how unrational I’m being, it’s like I can’t help myself.  I can’t help getting stressed and overwhelmed, which often brings me to tears.  I need to figure something out, because this stress can’t be good.  Although now that I’m thinking about it, I bet it raises my normally low blood pressure to an average level.  At least I’d stop feeling cold all the time.  Screw pills, maybe this is secretly good for me.

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