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I’m Blind!

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shopping online is great.  you get to hop from store to store and view every item without having to do more than click your mouse.  but there is one problem that needs immediate attention. 

let’s say you are shopping and you want to look at pants.  you don’t want to keep clicking “next page” so instead you click “view all.”  but here’s the real question: is there ever a circumstance when you don’t want to view all?  NO! 

i’m greedy and i want to see all of the possibilities.  don’t limit my fashion views, just give me the real deal.  i can handle it.  it should be assumed you want to view all, don’t make me click it.


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Crunch Time

well i’m back on the east coast, and my social calendar is filling up. i love this time of year. this weekend i’m getting together with a friend to build a kickass gingerbread mansion then going to a PC vs BC basketball game as an alumni…geez i’m old.

i’ve also been doing some holiday shopping. so what do you get for the mom who has everything? a savings account for the boat “she’s always wanted.” since my dad’s semi-retired i decided to him some house slippers, just like his mother use to wear. for my sister:
Bow-dacious Clutch…in purple of course.  with a ring.  when i called to ask what size i should get, this is how she responded: “large diamond”.  yeah me too.  as for dc hero, he’ll have to wait and see.

christmas eve is coming up!! and that means a big yummy meal at my house with my dad’s family.  i would put up the menu next week, but we like to keep it a surprise…because people hate not knowing a good secret; just like i hate not knowing what my christmas presents are.  when i was a kid my mom had to start hiding them at my aunt’s house because i knew all the hiding places at our house.  i’ve gotten better but i still love to give them a good shake.

make fun all you want but i’ve got to get back to listening to josh groban and michael buble christmas music…

December 16, 2008 at 3:47 pm 1 comment

I Just Got My White Coat And Stethoscope!

i’ve finished my first full week of a full time job.  i have to say the gig is pretty sweet.  i worked 8-3:30.  ideally I would love to be a woman of leisure and have a side job from 1-4.  you know…when no good tv is on.  something to keep me busy and get me out of the house, but this isn’t so bad.  although, i have found myself going to bed at 11, a bit too early for the normal me. the pay’s not great, but that’s what happens when you work for a non-profit company.   in reality, how much do i really need anyway?  i have noted one dramatic change.

once you start working full time, less time is spent shopping, talking to friends, or other routines.  i have spent no money on clothes in the last week, something that is hard to avoid when you have nothing to do.  with a lot of free time there’s never enough malls.  i also talk to my friends when i can, not when i feel like it.  yeah, that’s a shame.  this weekend i could only find time during my walk back from the library.  although, there is the occasional text.  my friend matt sent me this one: “i just got my white coat and stethoscope.  i am pretty much a doctor!”  i also got a call from my friend that i refer to as date, he was on the phone along with two of my old my roommates.  these things make you sad, and make me wish i was there with them to experience the new moments in the their lives.  at this moment you press play on michael buble’s “home,” as a few tears fall down your cheek. 

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

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Cape Trip

Another day off means just another adventure in the life of Ava Vaughn.  Today I picked up my cousin and headed for the cape, where we met up with my college roommate.  First we stopped for lunch and had some great seafood.  I, myself, had my first stuffed quahog of the season along with a grilled shrimp salad.  Then we walked around the town into little shops and once again imagined all the things we would buy if we had someone to buy them for.  After a little window shopping we headed to the beach for the rest of the day.  But this is where I get confused. 

It was a cute quaint beach, and like most of the beaches in the north they’re just nothing that impressive.  For the day it was perfect, but I don’t understand why so many people flock to the cape every weekend in the summer to enjoy it.  For me, if I want to go to the beach I just drive 30 minutes to a beach in Westport instead of driving an hour to get to the beaches on the cape.  Not to mention that once you do get on the cape, everything is so crowded in the summer because everyone and their entire families are there.  Maybe they don’t realize there are other comparable beaches closer?  I’m not sure, but if you want something worth going away for head south, the beaches are much nicer and the water is much warmer.

The best part of the day came when we decided to form a book club.  The first book we’re reading is “Love the One You’re With” by Emily Giffin.  Our plan is to read one book per month and then meet to discuss it.  I can’t wait to go pick it up.  The book is kind of a series but you can certainly pick it up without getting lost.  So if you want to join in send me an email at

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