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I Feel The Adrenaline Moving Through My Veins

in one month it’s just me, mia madison, and britney.  mia once said she could talk in britney lyrics in everyday speech, so for the concert how could we not do it?  and i guess we started practicing early because with alumni weekend looming, it got me and mia madison reminiscing…


miamadison: wat about george?

avav: remember how him and my ex roommate kept hooking up even after they found out they were related?

miamadison: hahaha yes. gross.


a guy like you should wear a warning…it’s dangerous


miamadison: did we ever have a crush on drunk joe?  thats wat betty sue told me. she said we had the “biggest crush on him”

miamadison: i dont believe it.

avav: yeah we did, we thought he was so cute. you don’t remember? we use to get nervous when he would walk into a room

miamadison: hahaha…gross.


i get the tingle i wanna mingle, that’s what i want


avav: we need to pick out our outfits too.  we have to look good so we don’t have to “dream about all the things that never were.”

miamadison: we should do manicures too. u gotta look good, head to toe

avav: i want to paint mine black or dark purple

miamadison: “french fingertips…something red lips…BITCH IS DANGEROUS”


should be a fun weekend. 


references were made to britney’s “circus,” “toxic,” “radar,” “out from under,” and “lace and leather.”


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Seinfeld Playing At Foxwoods

How old were you the first time you stayed up “late” enough to see the sun rise?

After a while at a house party some people got the idea to go to Foxwoods, and I decided…why not?  We were playing black jack and craps, and when I got the dice I won my table hundreds of dollars.  Of course by the time we left we were back to even.  We left the casino at around 4 thirty and saw the sun rising on the trip back to school.  I didn’t go to bed till 6 thirty, and only slept three hours.  Overall not much sleep, but an awesome random night.

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No Posers 2008

This year I’m hoping for no posers 2008.  This goes to men who think they are alphas but are really disguised betas.  I’ve had enough of you!  You constantly compliment me and throw around the idea of going out, but don’t follow through…what’s that about?  Are you not man enough?  That’s the only conclusion I can think of.  Stop telling me how you’re “such a catch” and man up!  Who cares how hot you are, if you have no personality to back it up…you’re useless.  You know who you are.  I’ve met a few of you in my college years (we litterally nicknamed a kid: “the kid with no personality”…his friend had to do the talking for him).  You talk a lot of smack in the bars, but once its time to leave you don’t know what you’re next move should be.   Should it be obvious at this point?  And if you’re still clueless, this is why girls talk to assholes: they walk and talk.  Don’t defend yourself by saying “i’m not sure if you’re into me,” because if i’m into you it’s obvious.  I don’t play around.  It’s not middle school, I don’t need to mess with people’s minds.  So here goes…

Dear boy i like,

You’ve mentioned a few topics to let me know your interested (…commencement dates…).  Here’s where you make your move.  Stop talking about school (our class)… who cares it’s the weekend.  Man up and do something unexpected.  Tonight’s your chance…stop being a poser.

Love, Ava V

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High Anxiety Levels


I think I need anxiety pills.  I find myself constantly worrying about everything that I have to do.  Like today after class I started freaking out because I kept a running list in my head of all the things I need to do.  What I’m not doing is realizing that most of that list can be accomplished in just a couple of hours, instead I freak out and think it’s going to take the rest of the day.  So instead of sitting down for a nice relaxing lunch with my roommates, I ate freakishly fast (which I do normally since I don’t really chew my food).  I didn’t sit and talk like I usually do; when I finished I got up and ran back to my room as fast as I could.  I then started on my work and realized two hours later I was finished.  Why do I do this?

The same happens when I think about getting a job next year.  Rather than thinking rationally and thoroughly, I panic; yet before I know it I did everything I wanted to.  I filled out applications, sent in resumes, and made calls, etc.  Even in my head I know how unrational I’m being, it’s like I can’t help myself.  I can’t help getting stressed and overwhelmed, which often brings me to tears.  I need to figure something out, because this stress can’t be good.  Although now that I’m thinking about it, I bet it raises my normally low blood pressure to an average level.  At least I’d stop feeling cold all the time.  Screw pills, maybe this is secretly good for me.

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