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A Few Things I’ve Learned On The RIPTA


Two days a week I take the RIPTA to work, and over the course of a few weeks I’ve learned some very important lessons. 

1. Who needs a doctor when you have a medical expert sitting next to you.

One man went on and on about how to cure athlete’s foot and a tooth abscess.  From all his trial and tribulations he’s found ways to get rid of these horrible medical concerns.  And he felt the need to tell the bus driver loud enough for the entire bus to hear.  What a thoughtful man.

2. Don’t have friends who are the same sex as you are.

According to one woman all her female friends are only in her life to try to steal her man from her.  So she vowed to never have female friends again and only hang out with the fellas.  I’m so glad, I learned this lesson now and not before it’s too late.

3. If you’re not sure…under-pluck.

Some people are way to obsessed with plucking their eye brows and as I saw today it can lead to an even bigger problem….no more eyebrows.  The woman I saw today felt the need to compensate for this unfortunate accident by drawing them on.  But she should have gotten some help, because she looked rather surprised even though the rest of her face showed no emotion.  What a magic trick!

I never knew I could learn so much outside the classroom.  I guess this means instead of studying in the library, I should devote more of my time people watching.


March 3, 2008 at 10:19 pm 1 comment

Getting Out and Getting Ahead


I’ve been doing some research on the comfort zone and found many lists of things you can to do to get out of it.  On these lists were some things I’ve already tried:

  • Try some new food
  • Smile at strangers
  • Say hello to people in the grocery store
  • Use public transportation
  • Wear an outrageous outfit
  • Start a blog
  • I’ve tried sushi and caviar recently.  I’d eat sushi again, it was pretty good, but caviar was so slimy and salty that I think I can live without it.  I smile at strangers all the time, whether I’m in the grocery store or on the RIPTA, especially little kids because they’re so cute.  I’ve even talked to some people on the bus (One lady was on her way to her daughters house and another girl was going to school downtown, both were lost and needed directions).  Just the other day I wore what I considered to be an outrageous outfit: sweatpants.  When my roommate saw me she asked if I was going to the gym because she knows that I normally dress up for class.  I was kind of insulted, but I just rolled with it and said I felt like being a scrub.  And of course, this blog is here to document it all.

    Over the next few days I’ll be out of town, so I apologize in advance, but I have a few things to work on in the mean time.  On these lists were also things I want to try:

    • Compliment three strangers each day for a week
    • Take responsibility for something you didn’t do
    • Act more feminine (this is my own add on)

    It might seem that complimenting people is easy, but with strangers that’s a whole new game.  It’s only thing to say something nice to a friend, but it’s completely different to go up to someone random and not seem like a freak. 

    For me, taking responsibility for something I didn’t do, will be to take the fall for someone else or to just admit to something that I don’t think is a big admission.  For example, let’s say you’re arguing with a friend because you just ate the rest of her peanut butter.  Instead of wasting time arguing about it (which in female ways is very passive aggressive little movements and mutterings under your breath), I’ll woman up and just admit it…so many things can be avoided this way. 

    And lastly, being more feminine is something I always strive for, but I’ve been slacking lately.  I’ve been reading some articles about the feminine qualities in a woman’s voice; this is very important.  Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it that’s more important.  Also you can’t forget the accessories.  I often don’t bother to change my earrings before going out, or I forget to spray some perfume on.  It’s not because I don’t have earrings or perfume, it’s just not on my mind.  Wearing clothes to show off your figure, and picking the right materials is also crucial.  So when I have a choice to wear jeans or a dress, I’m picking the dress.  Or if it’s a decision of a lacy top or tshirt, it’s gonna be the lacy top.  I already embrace the Betty Crocker way of life, I love to cook and share that.  And have things like purple pens and pink post-its.  So it’s not like it’s not in me, sometimes it just gets hidden in the shuffle.  I’ll be back to report in a few days, till then your suggestions are wanted.

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