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This Ain’t A Fairy Tale

the title is a reference to the taylor swift song “white horse” check it out

like we’ve seen parents are funny, but whats funnier is parents when they were our age. last week i went out to dinner with a friend and her family. her mom was regaling me with stories of her and her husband when they first started dating.

when a woman starts dating a guy theres two things that run through her head: is he my prince charming? or is he a psycho killer? most of us take the appropriate steps to figure out which he is, and if he’s neither we don’t hang on for too long. instead of him picking her up at her house (which would obviously be the wrong way to go), she had him pick her up at her aunt’s house. but the most shocking thing, was he did the same thing! he had her drop him off on the side of the road with no house in sight! way to be alert.

one night after they had being seeing each other for a while they went out with their friends separately, but it happened to be the same bar. the problem: she was playing hard to get. so she walked past him, and didn’t acknowledge him….gutsy. but he didn’t let it slide. what do you think would happen if you did that? why he or she call you out? i think i’d get ripped to shreds.


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Parents, Parents Are Such Fun

living at home means you talk to your parents a lot more.  over the past few days these are some of the conversations i’ve had with mine:

me: is carrie underwood your favorite american idol?
mom: i don’t know, who was that angry girl?
me: kelly clarkson
mom: yeah, what happened to her?  do you think she started writing happy songs and they weren’t good enough?

dad: do you remember when you met the first boy you liked?
me: no
dad: *sarcastically* haven’t met him yet?
me: nope

mom: look at that, anyone from nebraska wouldn’t know what that is
me: yeah they would think it was just a hill. but in massachusetts we know better, that is a landfill.

and on a side note, i babysit last night here’s a clip:

me: can you count to 100?
little girl: yeah… 1, 2, skip a few 99, 100
me: sounds about right

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But All The Other Girls Got Flowers

there i was at work, in a daze that had gone on for a few hours, when a woman from my department brought me flowers. they were to wish me well on moving back to massachusetts.

it’s official, my job treats me better than any boyfriend i’ve ever had.

the last time i got flowers was after a dance recital because i guilted my mom into it because “all the other girls got flowers from their parents.” it was then when i realized it’s the thought that makes it so special. getting something you expect doesn’t compare to a surprise…that’s what makes it so special.

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Support System

it’s nearly 1 am and i’m wide awake. 

so what do you do when you feel like you’re standing still while the rest of the world is running around you frantically?

sometimes i wonder if i’m being punished for a previous life.  other moments i want to fall asleep and wake up a few years from now when my life is sorted out.  but is there really such a point?  i don’t think so.  i look at my mom.  she had the life: a great family, a good career, and her health…virtually no worries.  then out of no where her mom (my grandmother) passed away.  at that instant her world came crashing down, and nothing else mattered. 

sometimes i wonder what it’s going to be like to live without my parents…and i can’t picture it.  they are my support system; the people i go to when i don’t know what to do or where to go.  i can call them with worries and in the end know it will all be ok.  no matter how old i get, they will never let something bad happen to me.  but after a while, it’s hard to keep accepting their help. 

i feel like i should be able to do things on my own, but there’s always something bigger than what i can handle on my own.  most of the time all i need is advice; when it’s more, i feel guilty calling them.  i think, “i’m 22, i should be able to handle this.”  but when you’re in such a difficult situation, it’s comforting to know i call them without judgement to find the guidance i need. 

everyone deserves parents like mine.  the type that can read your mind and say, “i was just going to call you” when they pick up the phone.  it’s like they know you better than yourself.  the people who can see what’s really going on, even if you aren’t ready to admit it.  the one’s who know you’re lying when you say eveything’s fine.  the people who ask the right questions to make you come to your own conclusion.  sometimes i hate that, and wish they would just tell me what to do…it would be easier.

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But Mom…


All women become like their mothers.  That is their tragedy.  No man does.  That’s his.  ~Oscar Wilde

You know how parents say the tables will turn and someday you will take care of them…I never thought it would happen this early.  I felt like such a mom this past weekend.  I was cooking dinner, doing laundry, running errands, and picking up after my “child.”  While I was doing all of this I had to listen to my “child” whine about how bored he was and that he wanted chocolate chip cookies.  Like most moms, I said he had plenty of snacks, and the last thing he needed was a sugar high (must be a mom-reflex).  And despite all my effort, it went without a single thank you.  I think I’m finally starting to understand what my mom’s job is like.  And I must admit it’s very taxing and doesn’t pay nearly enough. 

This is why having kids of my own freaks me out.  I love to babysit, you can have fun with the kids, but you get to leave whenever the parents get home.  I would also love to be an aunt or a godparent, they offer the same advantages.  But being a mom is a big commitment, that you can’t go back on.  So many girls have it in them to be a mom, and I think I have it too, but after this weekend I’d rather wait close to ten years before testing that theory.

Oh and did I mention the meal was delicious and nutritious…what mom wouldn’t love that?  Baked Spicy Macaroni with a side salad.

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Parent’s Weekend Bet – The Result

Last night was all about the parent’s weekend bet.  My parents told me they were coming at 3, so to win the bet they had to stay more than 4 hours and 15 minutes (till 7:15).  Usually when my parents say 3, they really mean 2:45 so I was shocked when it was ten past three and I still hadn’t heard from them.  So I gave them a call to make sure nothing was wrong, and everything was fine.  My mom assured me that this is just a part of their new relaxed lifestyle.  After hearing those words I knew I was going to win. 

We had dinner reservations at 5:30.  If it had just been us three we would have left within an hour, but it was all of my roommates and their parents, so it took much longer.  After we finished our meals I peaked at the time and sure enough it was 7:15.  I immediately texted my brother to rub it in.  I WON!!!  And interestingly enough my parents actually stayed till 11, which is way past their bed time.  I never saw that coming.

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