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Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

this is the coolest thing i’ve seen since napster: Listen To

you can make any video into an audio file.  think about all the  possibilities…


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College Review: Biggest Obsession

During college I maintained the Britney obsession that started in high school, but once my sophomore year came around my attention was turned to Ashlee Simpson.

Mia Madison and I would play that CD over and over again, making our other roommate extremely annoyed.  We also watched the Ashlee Simpson show every week.  At the time I wasn’t sure where the obsession came from; she wasn’t a good singer and she didn’t have dance skills.  But now I realize that she is an amazing song writer.  It was her lyrics that spoke to me:

I’ve been waiting all my life
To finally find you
Just so I can push you away
And when you’re crawling over broken glass to get to me
That’s when I’ll let you stay

Oh how true…It’s amazing how things can change so fast, yet how they stay the same.

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The Rise and Fall


Try to think back to a few years ago, back to the years of boy bands and premature girl popstars.  Britney was by far the biggest one on the scene.  She was the princess of pop for god’s sake!  Christina, Mandy, and Jessica had nothing on her.  At the same time boy bands were all about the group.  Sure enough, they all had lead singers: BSB- Brian, ‘NSYNC – Justin/JC, and 98º – Nick.  But no one really distinguished themselves, it was more of a boy mush.  And sadly when Britney and Justin broke up it all started to go wrong.  She thought she was better and bigger, but look how the tables turned.

Look at the same scene now: Britney’s crazy and Justin is at the top of his game.  How did that happen?  Before Britney was the girl everyone wanted to be or be with and now it’s Justin.  It all started when they broke up; it really pushed him to fore front (“Cry Me A River”).  What a rise!  Seems like a scheme to me…dating the princess of pop to gain exposure, and soon take over the scene yourself!  Call me crazy, but that’s genius.

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