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I Just Got My White Coat And Stethoscope!

i’ve finished my first full week of a full time job.  i have to say the gig is pretty sweet.  i worked 8-3:30.  ideally I would love to be a woman of leisure and have a side job from 1-4.  you know…when no good tv is on.  something to keep me busy and get me out of the house, but this isn’t so bad.  although, i have found myself going to bed at 11, a bit too early for the normal me. the pay’s not great, but that’s what happens when you work for a non-profit company.   in reality, how much do i really need anyway?  i have noted one dramatic change.

once you start working full time, less time is spent shopping, talking to friends, or other routines.  i have spent no money on clothes in the last week, something that is hard to avoid when you have nothing to do.  with a lot of free time there’s never enough malls.  i also talk to my friends when i can, not when i feel like it.  yeah, that’s a shame.  this weekend i could only find time during my walk back from the library.  although, there is the occasional text.  my friend matt sent me this one: “i just got my white coat and stethoscope.  i am pretty much a doctor!”  i also got a call from my friend that i refer to as date, he was on the phone along with two of my old my roommates.  these things make you sad, and make me wish i was there with them to experience the new moments in the their lives.  at this moment you press play on michael buble’s “home,” as a few tears fall down your cheek. 

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home


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A Day in the Life

I’m starting to feel like this guy, since I work in the restaurant business.  My nights are usually taken, but it leaves my days wide open. 

I had planned at first to go to outlets in Wrentham, but due to the weather it wouldn’t have worked too well.  So when I stopped in to visit my dad earlier in the day he asked if I needed any money.  I said I didn’t, but then he started pulling out his wallet.  At this point, I wasn’t going to say no again…I’m getting cut off soon.  Let’s be real: they say I’m getting cut off soon, but in reality it will probably never happen.  So I can’t just ask for money all the time.  Instead things will miraculously be paid for, and my mom will still buy me things like furniture and other housewares to get me set up.  Just ask this guy….she still buys him stuff.

The other day I had an interesting time in a beach town nearby.  I spent it with my cousin and we started with lunch at a grocery store.  Weird, huh? (Mind you, this was not Whole Foods or any other chain, it was a neighborhood store)  It was surprisingly delicious.  She got sushi freshly made with kale soup and I had made a salad from their impressive salad bar and had a pea soup to go with (for only $8 total).  We decided it was best to have a lunch date every week at other well priced little restaurants, since there are so many others we want to try.  The town attracts most of its visitors and residents during the summer, because this town is best known for its beaches (Harrison Ford is one summer resident).  For this reason, most of the boutiques I walked into were outrageously priced so it really was just window shopping for me. 

At one point we came across some vineyard vine ties.  She said it before I could, but she read my mind: “Oh I wish I had someone to buy this for.”  If I could dress anyone, they would be so put together.  I tested this theory first on the hero when he said he didn’t want to wear green because, “I don’t want to look like a fuckin leprecan.”  And yet a year later what was his favorite color? 

Our day concluded with us watching the food network for 2.5 hours.  A little Rachel Ray, Tyler Florence, Sandra Lee, Robin Miller and Giada.  I couldn’t leave before Giada, even if this meant I would be late for dinner.  By the way, these long viewings of food network is how I know so many random things about food.  You’d be surprised how much you can learn from just watching tv.  The only downside is it made us hungry just watching it, so we had to make some baba ghanoush before we sat down.  I can’t wait for next week!

May 22, 2008 at 7:16 am 4 comments

Mass Texts


My absolute biggest pet peeve is mass texts.  Today I got one, and it ignited the fire inside of me.  On Christmas, it was worse when I was hit four….what a waste of ten cents.  The one clear way to determine if you’ve been mass texted is if the text is unspecific.  It won’t reference your name, or anything that is specific to you or your situation.  The one I got today reads, “dude, wanna go to foxwoods tomorrow night and see the taping of family feud? $25 and you could win money.”  Clearly this was mass texted…never would any guy text a girl and call them “dude.”  At least in this instance, the text had a purpose.  It wasn’t on a holiday where the sentiment was undoubtedly ungenuine and impersonal.  So head’s up, I don’t need/want a “Happy Easter!” text next week, save yourself the money and me the annoyance.

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Doing Too Much


The way I feel about myself cuz I got self-esteem, sometimes I wonder if I’m just chasing a fantasy

I’m not sure if I’ve told you before, but I love to people watch.  And a favorite place of mine for this is our school’s cafeteria, especially on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Any time after a night out is a great time to people watch.

I was eating lunch there the other day when I overheard a guy talking to his mom, he was complaining about taking girls out on dates.  He went on about how to take girls to a nice place, which according to him girls expect, it costs way too much to do it too often.  Apparently his gf and him had a fight about this, which is why he was telling his mom.  The gf didn’t understand why spending money on her was such a bad thing.  He tried to reason with the girl by saying, “if you stay with me, you’ll thank me when we’re sixty.”

I think most guys and girls would agree that going out doesn’t need to be extravagant, but every once in a while is nice.  It was just interesting to see this guy get so irritated over the subject.  Am I seeing this right, or do girls expect this time of treatment all the time?  I need your opinion blog readers.

February 5, 2008 at 8:27 am 4 comments