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Law of Opposites

The Law of Opposites is just a variation of the Law of Unintended Consequences. When we attempt to achieve a certain goal – like, “make the world safe for democracy,” a grandiose scheme of World War I – one can be sure the world will become less safe and less democratic regardless of the motivation. ~ Ron Paul

an excerpt from my journal entry 2-2-09:

if you hold yourself to certain expectations it actually prevents you from achieving them.  in the end you just have to know life can be a wonderful journey, and stop letting things from letting you experience it. 

my fear of failure prevents me from actually doing most things.  i guess i should be a “yes girl,” and to be honest i’ve d one much more since returning from omaha.  i visited mia madison in new york city, went out to dinner with friends a few times, visited prance kitten multiple times, went to dc.  and coming up is a cake competition with a friend, seeing prance kitten again while i’m up that way, pc alumni weekend and britney.  that’s a lot of activity for a girl that normally lives in a box. 

if you’re a shut-in nothing will ever happen, because opportunity doesn’t knock on your front door, you must seek it.  seriously i stopped taking voice lessons because of fear, i stopped taking dance lessons, and i picked a major to avoid being compared to family members that most certainly would have been a failure in comparison.  it seems like i really miss out on a lot…


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Parents, Parents Are Such Fun

living at home means you talk to your parents a lot more.  over the past few days these are some of the conversations i’ve had with mine:

me: is carrie underwood your favorite american idol?
mom: i don’t know, who was that angry girl?
me: kelly clarkson
mom: yeah, what happened to her?  do you think she started writing happy songs and they weren’t good enough?

dad: do you remember when you met the first boy you liked?
me: no
dad: *sarcastically* haven’t met him yet?
me: nope

mom: look at that, anyone from nebraska wouldn’t know what that is
me: yeah they would think it was just a hill. but in massachusetts we know better, that is a landfill.

and on a side note, i babysit last night here’s a clip:

me: can you count to 100?
little girl: yeah… 1, 2, skip a few 99, 100
me: sounds about right

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Are You Married?

after meeting one of my coworkers one of the first questions she asked me was, “are you married?”  and before i could really analyze the question and formulate a response, i said, “no.”  “wow, you answered that fast,” she replied.  i mean, i guess it’s nice for some people and in certain situations i would agree.

today i went out to my car for a trip to IHOP when i noticed a low tire.  normally this is when i would call my dad and he would come fix it.  seeing that he is in massachusetts…that wasn’t happening.  i had to do it myself.  i thought about my options.  i could put on a spare and take it to get fixed or drive it as is till i found a service station.  if you know me well enough, you know i did the latter. 

i’ve never changed a tire, and never will…that’s what AAA is for.  however, i can at the least check my oil…changing it is a different story.  point being: having a husband or at least a boyfriend would have made this process much easier.  there’s certain things girls are good at (and by girls i mean most…but a shocking amount a girls i know aren’t good cooks) and there’s things boys are good at, and in my mind cars is one of them.

but until then, it’s up to me unless i come into a lot of money and can afford to hire someone to take care of those manly duties.

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Protesting The College

i’m sick of people whinning. democrats hating on republicans and republicans throwing it back at democrats (i can’t listen to talk radio till after the election).  in the end, politicians can say a lot.  they can argue over experience and platforms, but that’s not important.  their views could change.  but still, how do we pick a president?

we vote for someone else to vote for the president.  stupid electoral college.  the reason the electoral college was formed in the first place was because we, the public, were stupid.  well, actually, we weren’t well informed.  it was before tvs, before the internet, and radio.  so why is it still like this? i’m pretty sure there’s enough coverage for us to decide for ourselves.

if i vote in massachusetts the electoral vote is already decided (democrat).  if i vote in nebraska the same is true but for the republican ticket.  if the voting system changed and the popular vote actually determined the president, i would vote.  but this election i’m sitting out in protest.

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Obey the Speed Limit? Who Does That?

driving in omaha is completely different than driving in massachusetts.  people here actually respect the speed limit; they don’t take it as a mere suggestion.  when it’s 35 everyone drives 35, which drives me crazy.  in massachusetts you will not get a ticket for going 5 or 10 over, so 35 is never actually the case.  but here, it’s not even possible to test the limits. 

when you drive downtown they have the traffic lights set up so you have to slow down and approach the line before it will turn green.  this also causes me to stress.  and not to mention that you can’t turn left on dodge street ( which is the major street that is used like a highway in the city).  you have to make three rights instead to equal a left.  how annoying!  then there’s strange one way signs…its one way in one direction in the morning and then one way in the opposite direction in the afternoon.  either make the street big enough for two directions of traffic or make it one way in one direction all the time!

obviously, i’ve been holding this in for a while, and it’s starting to get to me.

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Providence College


Providence is a city many people seem to forget about. When I tell people I go to Providence College, they ask me where it is.  They don’t realize it’s in the capital of Rhode Island; that’s most likely because, in my mind, Rhode Island shouldn’t even be considered a state.  But I’m not saying Massachusetts should take it over either, I don’t want to be lumped in with that.  Rhode has the worst drivers in the nation, as researched by GMAC Insurance.  Although to be fair, MA isn’t much better.  I wanted to start a series of posts about Providence, since a lot of readers know very little about the city.  Let’s start first with my school, PC.

You can look it up on Urban Dictionary, and most of what you read is true.  Our school’s student body is known to be rich white kids who dress like they just walked out of an Abercrombie or Polo ad (think prep school).  And although this is true about some, I know a lot of people who are different in terms of social class, but the white is pretty dominant and hard not to see.  Despite this shocking account,  our school is actually located in the ghetto of Providence.  In our section of the ghetto a 7/11 is run by a policeman, houses are constantly broken into, and mugging is a common occurrence (once a little woman robbed 7 people). 

One good thing about school is you’re surrounded by people just like you; the bad thing is that you’re surrounded by people just like you.  Everyone is so nice and polite that just discussion on a blog is difficult.  Many people have told me what they think of my posts, but they rarely comment because they’re afraid to offend me.  NEWS ALERT: It’s okay just post it up.  It might be “politically incorrect” to say, but if you see a black guy, he’s probably on the basketball team.  We have very little diversity in our study body; so to increase this, our school recently got rid of the requirement for SAT scores.  And just because we’re a catholic school, doesn’t mean we don’t drink.  Your fake id is used more than your student id, and there are plenty of close bars to crash (Louie’s, Brads, Olds, Clubbies, McPhails, McFaddens, Fish Co., etc.)  And unlike most schools, we have no frats or sororities.  We still have house parties, such as Ridiculous Fest, which is always held on the last day of classes and starts promptly in the morning.  Drinking is also a major contributor to our Civ Scream.  Civ Scream is meant to release the frustration for studying for Development of Western Civilization exams, which are only for freshmen and sophomores, but the event is really more for the upperclassmen.  It’s excuse to get drunk and streak, or jump on a pogo stick

We have some semi famous notable alumni, but the most meaningful to me is John O’Hurley, who was best known as Elaine’s boss on Seinfeld.  If you read this blog, you’ll understand.

So now you know where I’m coming from, unlike all you DC bloggers.

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