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Devil’s Radio

“gossip is the devil’s radio” ~ George Harrison

the weather’s hasn’t kept me holed up inside.  last night i had dinner with the doctor.  i’ve become his personal dating counsultant (pdc), it’s unpaid position but with economy being as it is, i took it.  most people would probably get bored after 20 minutes but i loved all 120 minutes of it…that’s why i’m the only one who gets 98% of the story.

gossip and stories in general put a smile on my face, so if you want to share i’d love to hear it.  i’m also good at keeping secrets despite what you might have heard, you just have to outline what is off limits to repeat.  but right now i don’t have much to contribute from my own life.

doctor: so what have you been up to?

me: well today i made some candy, and did some laundry…really i’m just keeping up on my tool set.

doctor: *shakes head*


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Funny Lovin

i’ve started to write for funny lovin.  it’s a website devoted to sharing funny original stories about love and relationships.  i originally jumped at the chance to write for another site, but now i’m struggling with what to write. 

i want to be the columnist everyone wants to read.  i want to be genuinely funny, but typically my comedic genius stems from facial expressions and reactions to other’s stupidity.  this most often includes eye rolls and intense stare downs.  maybe i’ll insert them like this *eye roll*. either way the best material i have to use comes from my journals, so look for my column. and like the creator of funny lovin says “if you’re embarrassed to write it, someone wants to read it.”

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i’ve read many great books in my life (everyone worth knowing, something borrowed, summer sisters), but the greatest book of all is my journal.  i’ve been writing for the past 6 years.  i write every day, whether there is something exciting, depressing, or not.  it contains some of the most personal emotions and thoughts that i will never share with anyone (it will be written in my will for them to be destroyed after i pass).  my journal, not to be confused with a diary which has a lock and key, is my favorite book.  i use it to document my life and the way i feel at those times.  yes, it’s predictable, seeing as i wrote it and all, but it tells some of the best stories.  most of these stories i forget with time, but as i read it they all come back to life.  it’s like being back in that state of mind and circumstances.  although i rarley give my journal to anyone to read i’ve highlighted some lines for your enjoyment (i’ll even use exact text).

“when we were out a random guy leaned in and told me ‘you look a lot like my future ex-wife’ ok creepy much?”

“i feel like he’s always gonna be in my life in one form or another and will always break my heart whether he means to or not…great!”

“my mom called today to make sure i was still breathing…how thoughtful”

“i felt better right away cause he looked me up and down and complimented my top”

“he imed me and said ‘hey princess’…at least he has my name right”

“it was probably a mass text but i couldn’t resist the urge and responded”

“i found ‘wish upon a star’ on youtube…what a day!”

“today i couldn’t think of anything besides dance”

“he told me to dress in a batman uniform to win any guy’s attention”

“since it’s friday we all wore dresses”

“i think i have a dylan”

obviously i can’t give away any of the really good stories.  i wanted to write two other lines, but i had to protect the privacy of one of my friends and i couldn’t boost the ego of another blogger, who’s ego is already pretty big.

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Marriage…It’s All About The Timing

If the objective of marriage is to marry someone for true love…why do most people get married around the same time?

Now more than ever I’m convinced “love” is timing more than anything.  It’s when two people want the same thing at the same time, and to a degree are willing to comprise.  We all have our “types,” but it seems when we find “that perfect someone” our lists go out the window.  Suddenly we don’t care if they have dark hair, how tall they are, or if they go from god awful white to red when tanning. 

When I was at a bachelorette party over weekend it struck me that all of the women there all got married within a year or two of each other.  If we’re really searching for true love I don’t think this would happen naturally.  Instead people want to settle down and find someone who is good, but who is not the perfect person they had envisioned for years before.

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