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sweet child o’mine

the other day i was looking through my college year book for the first time.  do you ever notice how a lot of the same people are in all of the pictures?  i know me and my friends submitted some, but we got nil.  my picture didn’t look so good either.  after i got a look at the shots i remember i avoided submitting one to the yearbook, i figured i would look better as a question mark or whatever they do in yearbooks when there is no picture.  so i wasn’t so happy to see it there, but one thing did cheer me up.

every school has a section dedicated for messages from parents to their graduates.  i remember my mom talking it over with my aunt, they both said they would save the money and just tell us in person.  either way you do it, so wrote nice notes of encouragement and congratulation.  but one took the cake: a full 2 page ad dedication.  the student was a kid i had a few classes with so i spent a few good minutes laughing.  it was cute…but i felt his pain.  some things are better left private.

despite that awkwardness, it reminded me what it’s like to be a kid, and how i want to be one forever.  what’s not to like?  everything is taken care of for you while you get to play all day and get all excited for things like santa, birthday party gift bags, trolls, and finding waldo.  those were the days.  here’s going back to being a child for the next week!


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I’m Not 35

How old do you have to be before someone calls you ma’am?

I’m thinking mid 30s, since this is around the time when most people have kids (which is the right age to be called ma’am and sir).  But there I was walking out of the grocery store, after I thanked the worker for bagging my groceries, when he said “your welcome ma’am.”  Are you kidding me?  I’m 21!  Lots of times people think I’m still in high school and ask what grade I’m in, but today I’m 35?  This age gap is way too big; clearly, something needs to be done.

Maybe the only way to fight back is to call 20 somethings “kids” and anyone above “pops.”  That’ll teach em.

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Mad Dance Skills

I wish I had mad skills like the little kid in the red coat.  What a dancing prodigy!  Take notes.

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