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Seinfeld Phase 7?


I had to work yesterday, usually I would go to the gym in the morning before work, but because it was a holiday I was forced to switch it up.  I ended up going to the gym after dinner with some roommates.  It was a lot different, normally I see a total of no more than five other people there.   I got on an elliptical next to my roommate and of course we both tuned in to watch ET and then some dance competition show.  I looked over and laughed with her when the second show came on because she’s obsessed with dance competitions.  We all did crunches together and started laughing uncontrollably for reasons that I cannot reveal (but ones you can imagine).  And on the way out I showed them the rule of the gym that calls for no swearing, grunting or yelling.  Yeah like that’s gonna happen, every guy in there grunts when he’s lifting.  It must be they’re natural reaction, or what they think they’re natural reaction should be to show that they are tough.

Today I called an audible: doing what I want when I want.  Since I had no classes, it made it pretty easy.  I slept in, which for me was 7:30; that’s a whole hour later than normal. I also went home this morning to make hummus, and for no other reason.  Yes that’s right, I traveled roundtrip, according to mapquest 61.32 miles, google maps 61.6, just for some hummus.  And believe me, it was well worth it.  I then spent a good hour and a half at lunch with my roommate…also well spent.  We figure the panic age for most women who want to get married is 27.  We also decided that a part time job is the best answer to having a life with kids, otherwise you’re just lazy.  The conversation was very insightful and enlightening.


February 19, 2008 at 3:19 pm 5 comments

High Anxiety Levels


I think I need anxiety pills.  I find myself constantly worrying about everything that I have to do.  Like today after class I started freaking out because I kept a running list in my head of all the things I need to do.  What I’m not doing is realizing that most of that list can be accomplished in just a couple of hours, instead I freak out and think it’s going to take the rest of the day.  So instead of sitting down for a nice relaxing lunch with my roommates, I ate freakishly fast (which I do normally since I don’t really chew my food).  I didn’t sit and talk like I usually do; when I finished I got up and ran back to my room as fast as I could.  I then started on my work and realized two hours later I was finished.  Why do I do this?

The same happens when I think about getting a job next year.  Rather than thinking rationally and thoroughly, I panic; yet before I know it I did everything I wanted to.  I filled out applications, sent in resumes, and made calls, etc.  Even in my head I know how unrational I’m being, it’s like I can’t help myself.  I can’t help getting stressed and overwhelmed, which often brings me to tears.  I need to figure something out, because this stress can’t be good.  Although now that I’m thinking about it, I bet it raises my normally low blood pressure to an average level.  At least I’d stop feeling cold all the time.  Screw pills, maybe this is secretly good for me.

February 12, 2008 at 3:57 pm 2 comments