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Memories I’ll Never Lose

Every man’s memory is his private literature.  ~Aldous Huxley

you learn the most about someone through their posessions. you can tell the most about me from two boxes that i keep in my closet. inside you’ll find things like ticket stubs, play bills, and airline tickets. but you’ll also find some real gems.

a game of mash.  i played with a waiter at my job. since i couldn’t think of any crushes he made the guy selections for me, and put his name in all five slots. i’m just saying…that wouldn’t be horrible.

my first license. i refused to give it to my sister, so instead i gave her my first (and only) fake id. it might say she’s 29 but it’s not expired. it doesn’t expire till 2025.

extra swarovski crystals from a pair of 7 jeans that i bought on the side of nyc street. just $40…what a bargain. i’m pretty sure they are real.

a business card from a former boss who i had the biggest crush on. and for the record he’s five years older than me.

a picture of a friend making out with a guy in a dark private room. i didn’t take it, but i made sure i got a copy. she always swore she’d get me back…hasn’t happened yet.

the milf code. a little something i wrote up with my friends to make sure we stay on the right track in terms of staying fit and looking hot for life. i’d share a few lines, but i think my friends would kill me.

everything i mentioned is from the last four years of my life.  so here’s to hoping another boy won’t give me a beaker as a gift of adoration.  this weekend i’m off to nyc to make more memories i’ll never lose.


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But All The Other Girls Got Flowers

there i was at work, in a daze that had gone on for a few hours, when a woman from my department brought me flowers. they were to wish me well on moving back to massachusetts.

it’s official, my job treats me better than any boyfriend i’ve ever had.

the last time i got flowers was after a dance recital because i guilted my mom into it because “all the other girls got flowers from their parents.” it was then when i realized it’s the thought that makes it so special. getting something you expect doesn’t compare to a surprise…that’s what makes it so special.

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

at the hospital i work at, the building is undergoing construction.  and the other day, that meant, we lost power for a split second.  instantly, i covered my ears and was about to slide under my desk for protection, because i wasn’t sure what was happening.  i thought i wasn’t scared of the dark anymore, but i guess i never out grew that one.

in my defense, when the hospital loses power, it doesn’t just go black…all sorts of weird noises echo through the halls, while generators click on.  also, i sleep without a nightlight, although there’s nothing wrong with that. anyway i guess i wasn’t as brave as i gave myself credit for.

i will still admit to being afraid of heights.  that is something i still tremble with.  one time i was up in a space needle, when my sister (knowing my fear) decided it would be funny to jump on the glass floor.  of course i started freaking out and screaming.

lesson of the day: know your weaknesses and don’t let them get exploited

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Are You Married?

after meeting one of my coworkers one of the first questions she asked me was, “are you married?”  and before i could really analyze the question and formulate a response, i said, “no.”  “wow, you answered that fast,” she replied.  i mean, i guess it’s nice for some people and in certain situations i would agree.

today i went out to my car for a trip to IHOP when i noticed a low tire.  normally this is when i would call my dad and he would come fix it.  seeing that he is in massachusetts…that wasn’t happening.  i had to do it myself.  i thought about my options.  i could put on a spare and take it to get fixed or drive it as is till i found a service station.  if you know me well enough, you know i did the latter. 

i’ve never changed a tire, and never will…that’s what AAA is for.  however, i can at the least check my oil…changing it is a different story.  point being: having a husband or at least a boyfriend would have made this process much easier.  there’s certain things girls are good at (and by girls i mean most…but a shocking amount a girls i know aren’t good cooks) and there’s things boys are good at, and in my mind cars is one of them.

but until then, it’s up to me unless i come into a lot of money and can afford to hire someone to take care of those manly duties.

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That Was Quick…

god works in mysterious ways. 

a few days ago i wrote how i wanted someone to ask me out on a date…well today it happened.  i was at work when an interpreter sat down and started talking to me.  i guess he like the company because he stayed for a while. 

he told me to give him a call, and if i had been remotely interested, it would have been a great opportunity. he soon realized he never gave me his number or asked for mine.  so instead, i said i’d page him or get his number from the employee directory.

still looking…

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working in a hospital, you see a lot of different things.  yesterday i walked into a room where the patient was very sick (and yes i applied purrel after).  he had bowl there to catch anything that “might be coming up.”  and for some reason i couldn’t resist, i had to look.  some people say they can’t handle it, but i find it interesting.  so if you were me, would you have snuck a peak?

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