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College Review: The Poorest Showing

My poorest showing (head shaking moment) while at college was definitely the time when my all girl intramural team played the women’s soccer team in basketball. 

First let’s understand my team.  Only one player on our team had any real basketball experience and the rest of us were there with little basketball knowledge.  Not to mention that most of us were shorter. 

The women’s soccer team was just so intimidating.  They were fast, had great ball skills, and knew how to work together.  They knew how to exploit mismatches and could actually shoot (our team’s biggest scoring game was 12 points).

Needless to say, we didn’t have much of a chance, but the worst part was that it got physical.  They were pushing on us and we did out best to push back, but I don’t think I really affected anyone’s game.  Our team had enough and we were showing it, but one of our players went a bit further…she threw a fit. 

She threw the ball as hard as she could, yelled, and ran off.  I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life.  I was so embarrassed that I actually started laughing.  I tried to apologize for her behavior but in a way I’m glad someone did something because this game was completely unfair.  Looking back at it now, it still makes me laugh, but I also know that I’d rather not relive that moment.


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Ten Things I’ll Miss Most About College


Before I start I just want to introduce myself, my name is Mia Madison.  I’m a new contributing writer for this blog.  I hope you enjoy it!

Today marks just about the two month stretch…until graduation.  I have vague memories of my dad calling me an “ostrich” when I was younger, and now I know why. According to a very reliable source(*cough*wikipedia*cough*) “When threatened, the Ostrich will either hide itself by lying flat against the ground, or will run away.”  I’ll admit graduating does threaten me; actually it kind of scares the hell out of me.  What am I doing with my life? Where am I going? Will I stay in touch with everyone that I want to? Where have the best four years of my life gone? I want them back. 

Rather than drown in sorrow, I decided to turn this situation around by reminiscing about all the good times I had in college.  I’ve put together a list of the top ten things that I will miss most about college (in no specific order):

1. Theme Parties: Ridiculousfest. CEOs and Office Hoes. Halloween. Anything but Clothes. College always seems to come up with a way to celebrate almost anything for no particular reason.  When you enter the workforce you have your little office parties, its not like when you leave college, you’ll never go to a real party again.  I just highly doubt that it would be socially acceptable to emerge from your cubicle ready to party in a dress made of caution tape.  Bummer.

2. Ray Café: If you don’t go to PC, Ray is our school cafeteria and knock it if you want, but I’m going to miss so much.  When else are you going to have someone cook for you 24/7 (well I guess that’s what wives are for…damn being a female)? Despite rough times that the cafeteria went through, circa freshman year, they really are on top of their game now.  I once overheard this Ray conversation:

Boy #1: That looks so nasty. What IS that?

Boy #2: I have no idea, but if I close my eyes it can be whatever I want it to be.

Another thing that I am going to miss about Ray is all the characters that work there. We have Jania, everyone’s favorite the Polish card swiper. Then there’s the sweetest old napkin lady who works a 4 hour shift every morning to keep her busy because she likes being around us.  In addition to these incredible people, you have the lunch ladies who sing while they serve you food, ask you how your day is, just in general care about how you are, all stuff that probably doesn’t happen in life after college.  Finally, I will miss the social aspect of Ray most. Hours seem like minutes at Ray (“Ray-A-Thons”) when you are sitting with your friends having important life conversations, or maybe only a conversation about a recap of last night. Either way, Ray brings people together and I’ll miss it dearly.

3. Intramurals: I never thought post 5th grade that I would get to play all the best childhood games like kickball, wiffleball, and dodge ball again. I thought those days were over, when in reality they got even better in college. We are currently working on winning the coveted Intramural Champs T-shirts for wiffleball; a symbol of intramural greatness.

4. Freedom: I think one of the reasons why I loved college so much was because it gave me the chance to experience a freedom that was foreign to me. Being an only child and the product of the most overprotective parents in the world, I never knew such a free way of life existed. When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike anywhere outside of my driveway, complete with helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, and elbow pads. I also wasn’t allowed to play in ball pits (my mom said there could be hypodermic needles in there) a ridiculous reason, which I now believe was a result from watching some absurd episode of 20/20. ANYWAY, my point is that when I got to college I had so much freedom I didn’t even know what to do with myself. You can do whatever you want in college. That is awesome.

5. Having all your best friends under one roof: I am going to miss the two foot walk to all my friends after college. I love having all my friends in one spot. There is always someone to talk to, making plans is a cinch, and it’s fun.

6. Awkwardness: In my 21 years, I have never experienced or observed so many awkward moments as I have had in college, and you know what? I loved every minute of it. Do you say hi to that kid you hooked up with last night, even though neither of you really remember it? Is that guy over there pretending to be on his cell phone to avoid saying an awkward hello to someone? How about that disheveled girl walking across campus at 12 P.M. on a Saturday, with a glittery shirt, heels, and makeup smeared all over her face…think she had a good night? I hope life is still that awkward after college.

7. PDN (Public Displays of Nudity): Sometimes I’m confused whether or not I’m at school or at a nudist colony. Nudity at college is not only acceptable, but it is encouraged and it’s funny as hell. This is especially prevalent at our annual Civ Scream, which marks the end of a two year course requirement at PC. What better way to celebrate than to get naked and run around the quad as a circle of bystanders forms around you. Who knows, you might even become famous one day. Pogo stick girl anyone? Enough said.

8. Classlessness: Let’s face it, college isn’t exactly a classy place, but that’s what makes it so great. We use shitty ids to get into shitty bars all so we can drink shitty beer and get shitty. Chances are the bar smells like crap, the bathrooms are a public health hazard, and shots are served in Robitussin-like medicine cups. *Sigh* I could really go for some Prime Time right now.

9. Absurd amount of vacations: This is self explanatory. I’m pretty sure next year when I’m working I won’t have a week long spring break followed by another 5 day easter vacation two weeks later. It’s just not happening, and that’s unfortunate.

10. Getting away with just about anything: You can do whatever you want whenever you want at college. You can act stupid and immature and it’s okay because it’ll make for a great story the next day. At work, you do something stupid, nobody will laugh and it’ll get you fired.

For those of you who have yet to experience college, I enby you.  for those of you who are graduating, I feel for you.  There is no place like college.  College is a magical place, just ask Tom Petty: “You have four years to be irresponsible here.  Relax.  Work is for people with jobs.  You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends.  so, stay out late.  go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday.  Spend money you don’t have.  Drink ’til sunrise.  The work never ends, but college does…”

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Cosmo’s Best Places To Meet Men


According to Cosmopolitan magazine, there are ten best places to meet men.

  1. Apple Store
  2. Weight Room
  3. A Fortune 500 or Tech Company
  4. A Political Rally
  5. A sports bar on Sunday or Monday Night
  6. Boston; Paradise, Nevada; Jacksonville, North Carolina
  7. A volleyball league
  8. Grad school coffee shop
  9. A rock climbing center
  10. A steak house

After examing the list myself, I can only agree with one of them: grad school coffee shop.  Let’s sort out why the rest are poor choices.

1. Apple Store – when most men are drawn to a stimulus they don’t like to be bothered with anything else.  When in a store filled with laptops, iPods, iPhones, they are there for that reason.  They don’t go there looking to meet people, so if it’s not in their head, you’d have to go really out of your way to meet them.

2. Weight Room – at school my gym has two different floors.  Most girls are on the bottom floor that is full of ellipticals, treadmills, and other cardio machines.  Upstairs is where all the guys go to lift.  There are other machines up there, but unless you’re lifting next to them there’s no use.  Most likely you’ll just get scared away by all the grunting and other strange noises that they make.

3. Fortune 500 or tech company – what a stereotype.  I think it’s safe to say you’ll meet men at a lot of jobs, obviously there are some exceptions where straight men don’t come in big numbers (hair salons, retailers, and elementary schools).  This place would be good if you’re looking for a man with money, but you’re that shallow you’re on your own.

4. Political rally – as stated in #1: when most men are drawn to a stimulus they don’t like to be bothered with anything else.  If they’re really involved in a campaign and you have no interest in it, they have no interest in you being there, you’ll just be in their way.  Don’t pretend to be a Hilary supporter at a rally, when you spend every other day hating her guts (for obvious reasons).

5. Sports Bar – as stated in #1: when most men are drawn to a stimulus they don’t like to be bothered with anything else.  As my brother once told his girlfriend, who knew nothing about football, “all you need to know is that I am busy Sunday from noon on.” If you don’t care about the game, get out of there; otherwise you’ll just seem as a nuisance.

6. Cities – again this is obvious, go to a city where there are a lot of people you’re age.  If you’re a young guy or girl find a college town, or a city like New York, D.C., Boston, etc. where a lot of people go for jobs after they graduate.  I think it’s apparent that you don’t want to be a city filled with retirement communities….it leaves you with few or no options.

7. Intramural League – not a bad choice, but the downside is that all the guys on your team will view you as a teammate and will quickly categorize you as a friend.  If want a guy to be interested in you, this is the last thing you want.  You never want to be one of the guys either.  You don’t need to be that girl diving to make a catch, stay feminine…wear cute shorts, tank top, and pigtails with bows.

8. Coffee Shop – the best choice.  It’s almost like a bar for the day time.  Lots of people bring work and let’s face it, they want to be distracted.  It’s worked for me and a friend in the past.  Give it a try.

9. Rock Climbing Center – this does not help you’re feminine factor in anyway.  You don’t want a guy to see you dripping in sweat, not your best look.

10. Steak House – what are you going to do, go up to a table of guys while they’re eating?  How ridiculous!  What was cosmo thinking?  According the the mag, the draw is: Guys are hitting up steak joints a lot these days for dinner (especially after work or a ball game) and bachelor parties.  If you’re looking for a serious relationship, I don’t think I need to tell you but, you should not meet a man at a bachelor party.

Stick to your coffee shops, meeting people through friends or friends of friends (this way you know their back story…an important key), and other non-drinking locales.  If you meet men when they’re sober, you have a better chance at a real relationship.  And I hate to say it but, if you only see a man when he and/or you are drunk forget about it.

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