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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

at the hospital i work at, the building is undergoing construction.  and the other day, that meant, we lost power for a split second.  instantly, i covered my ears and was about to slide under my desk for protection, because i wasn’t sure what was happening.  i thought i wasn’t scared of the dark anymore, but i guess i never out grew that one.

in my defense, when the hospital loses power, it doesn’t just go black…all sorts of weird noises echo through the halls, while generators click on.  also, i sleep without a nightlight, although there’s nothing wrong with that. anyway i guess i wasn’t as brave as i gave myself credit for.

i will still admit to being afraid of heights.  that is something i still tremble with.  one time i was up in a space needle, when my sister (knowing my fear) decided it would be funny to jump on the glass floor.  of course i started freaking out and screaming.

lesson of the day: know your weaknesses and don’t let them get exploited


October 8, 2008 at 8:22 pm 2 comments


working in a hospital, you see a lot of different things.  yesterday i walked into a room where the patient was very sick (and yes i applied purrel after).  he had bowl there to catch anything that “might be coming up.”  and for some reason i couldn’t resist, i had to look.  some people say they can’t handle it, but i find it interesting.  so if you were me, would you have snuck a peak?

September 18, 2008 at 7:14 am 2 comments


everyone knows a germaphobe but most can’t understand how they got to be that way.  some wonder if they were always like that or it was acquired through some type of life altering event.  well i’m here to say, it is slowly happening to me. 

today was my first day working at the hospital.  with people coming in left and right with every type of illness you take what you think are appropriate precautions.  however, today i washed my hands several times, and at time when there wasn’t a sink near me i applied purell…and yes every time was necessary.  once i got home i wanted to remove my work clothes with tongs and immediately wash.  my mind was and still is running thinking about what is on them as i remember what type of patients i saw today.  i once thought my friend was a freak for her frequent use of hand sanitzer, but now i’m seeing the light and going to the “dark” side.”

September 12, 2008 at 5:04 pm 3 comments

Rolling My Eyes

Getting the job is usually the hard part, but not in this case.  Working in a hospital you must have the appropriate immunizations and of course before i left for omaha i knew this and had blood work done.  So last week I went in for my health exam for work when they needed them. 

Obviously i didn’t have them on me, so my first call was to my primary physician.  Even though i called asking for my own records and the hospital said it would be no problem to get and fax over it became an issue.  They wouldn’t fax me my own records.  It seems like privacy acts aren’t helping the people that they should be *eyes roll*.

So today i had to go back to get a tb test read and then to get blood work to prove i have had the appropriate vaccinations.  Drawing blood on me is another issue.  The last time i got it drawn they stuck me in three different spots multiple times, and today was no different.  Today i was stuck in four different places on my arms and hands.  When i walked out of the clinic i looked pretty funny, and since i don’t have a camera to take a picture i drew one for your enjoyment:

Is everything gonna be this hard/funny?

August 25, 2008 at 3:41 pm 1 comment

Closet Doors?

Moving into a new place poses many problems and opportunities.  In this case I got to get a new bed set, which is hard to convince my mom of getting when i see i like one every few months.  I got new shampoo; dove frizz therapy…with thick, wavy hair this is a must.  Also, an opportunity for a real job.  Not my dad’s assistant, finance intern, or hostess…instead a job at one of omaha’s many hospitals.  And with these great opportunities came a big problem: a closet without doors.

Who builds a closet and thinks, “you know this looks good as is, i’m too lazy to put in doors”?  I couldn’t deal with the thought of looking at my clothes everytime I lay in my bed.  Because each time you look at your clothes you get a little more sick of them.  Let’s face it, clothes have a shelf life; and I didn’t want to speed up this process.  This had to change.  So I got a curtain and hung it with a spring rod…problem solved.

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