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Icy Games

when i was little i was wanted a slip-n-slide.  apparently we had one, but i don’t remember it, so it’s pretty much the same as not having one.  but today i found a good substitute, the only problem is that it has a slightly higher probability that you’ll hurt yourself.

thanks to the weather that much of the country as seen, my driveway is a river of ice.  if you slip, you’ll be sliding till you find yourself in a pool of melted ice.  anyone want to race?


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The Guy Every Girl Needs

(^ that’s me…well kinda)

There’s one type of guy every girl needs in her life, one who treats her like a queen and constantly compliments her beauty.  Since most boyfriends don’t qualify he can come in the from of a great gay friend, but coming from a straight guy is so much better.  I’ve found this type of guy in an unusual place, my work. 

This guy constantly asks me out and tells me how pretty I am…so it’s hard to leave there without my ego being inflated.  One time I walked in so upset and depressed so he told me I didn’t have to do anything, he would do my work for me.  He went on vacation for a month and before he left he told me I would miss him, but I thought, “Why would I?” 

So while he was gone, work was not nearly as great and I actually dreading going because the other guy I was working with was so outrageous.  He would say things that I didn’t know how to respond to, such as “better late than pregnant.”  Luckily the guy I actually like working with got back last week and today was showing me pictures from his trip.  He kept saying things like “your boy’s a hot ticket” (referring to himself) and asked which picture I would take and put on nightstand.  I just laughed instead of shooting him down, but on my way out he slipped one of the pictures in my bag. 

I only have 4 more weeks of work unless I decide to stay for the summer.  I will treasure these last few weeks and soak up every compliment that I receive.

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You Look Familiar…

Last night I went out with my roommates and their bfs.  We went to a bar downtown and once we got there we went straight to the bar.  One of the couples got drinks then walked over to the dance floor.  A guy was watching this and thought I was left alone, although the other couple was still getting drinks at the bar.  So he used this as his in….”did your friends just leave you?”  A guess this isn’t a bad way to enter a conversation, but his next move was horrible.  He said, “you look familar…did you go to PC?”  I found out he graduated before I ever went there which isn’t even the point, because obviously when you see a girl like me its safe to assume I go/went to PC.  He was clearly an amateur gamer.  I think he knew this creeped me out and tried to rebound by telling me he played rugby in college.  I’m not sure if I’m that blind and oblivious, but in my four years at school I’ve never heard of a men’s rugby team.  This guy was striking out all over the place.  But the night got more interesting when I overheard a conversation in the bathroom.

The women in the bathroom knew my friend and I were in there, but it didn’t stop them.  Here’s how it went:

Girl 1: I really want to sleep with him, but I shouldn’t.  I don’t know him that well.

Girl 2: Yeah, but sometimes it’s better that way.

Girl 1:  Maybe if he wants to go out again.  I mean he’s 35…why is he still single?

Girl 2:  You’re 34!

Tonight I also realized that I haven’t had to buy myself alcohol in months.  I don’t want to make it seem that I go in search of guys to use them because clearly the story above proves that wrong.  It’s just kinda strange, how things work out.  Last time I bought myself a drink I bought it because I didn’t want the guy I was with to buy me one.  I felt bad that he kept buying me things.  I like to feel independant and not rely on any guy monetarily.  What are the rules anymore when it comes to going out?  Who pays for what?  Should you offer to pay?  This sounds like a job for Ava V.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a men’s rugby team…

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I Got Gamed


After many months of reading some of the best blogs about game, I’m finally beginning to understand it enough to see it in my own life.  I often read the game some bloggers try on women, but I never thought about it like this till now.

Two years ago a friend and I were standing in a bar, having a not-so-great time.  At the time I thought nothing of it, I just thought that these guys just wanted to chat, but now as I reexamine the situation it’s obvious that they saw us having a bad time and used it for their own gain.  They took advantage of the situation and knew that would we would talk to any guys that showed us some attention…and of course we did.  Talking to my friend I told her I wasn’t too impressed with any of the guys at the bar.  And after they heard this they jumped right in.  They got defensive, because clearly they weren’t like most guys.  But then they did something that most girls wouldn’t think of as game…they made fun of us.  Girls, hear me now, this is how they pull you in.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure how this works, but it does…beware.  To make a long story short, we hung out with them for the rest of the night, we got gamed. 

I can’t believe I was so naive!  Now I am definitely more aware, but I’m not sure I would act differently.  Actually, I know I wouldn’t…I’ll save this story for another day.

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