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Seinfeld Playing At Foxwoods

How old were you the first time you stayed up “late” enough to see the sun rise?

After a while at a house party some people got the idea to go to Foxwoods, and I decided…why not?  We were playing black jack and craps, and when I got the dice I won my table hundreds of dollars.  Of course by the time we left we were back to even.  We left the casino at around 4 thirty and saw the sun rising on the trip back to school.  I didn’t go to bed till 6 thirty, and only slept three hours.  Overall not much sleep, but an awesome random night.

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Mass Texts


My absolute biggest pet peeve is mass texts.  Today I got one, and it ignited the fire inside of me.  On Christmas, it was worse when I was hit four….what a waste of ten cents.  The one clear way to determine if you’ve been mass texted is if the text is unspecific.  It won’t reference your name, or anything that is specific to you or your situation.  The one I got today reads, “dude, wanna go to foxwoods tomorrow night and see the taping of family feud? $25 and you could win money.”  Clearly this was mass texted…never would any guy text a girl and call them “dude.”  At least in this instance, the text had a purpose.  It wasn’t on a holiday where the sentiment was undoubtedly ungenuine and impersonal.  So head’s up, I don’t need/want a “Happy Easter!” text next week, save yourself the money and me the annoyance.

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