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You Look Familiar…

Last night I went out with my roommates and their bfs.  We went to a bar downtown and once we got there we went straight to the bar.  One of the couples got drinks then walked over to the dance floor.  A guy was watching this and thought I was left alone, although the other couple was still getting drinks at the bar.  So he used this as his in….”did your friends just leave you?”  A guess this isn’t a bad way to enter a conversation, but his next move was horrible.  He said, “you look familar…did you go to PC?”  I found out he graduated before I ever went there which isn’t even the point, because obviously when you see a girl like me its safe to assume I go/went to PC.  He was clearly an amateur gamer.  I think he knew this creeped me out and tried to rebound by telling me he played rugby in college.  I’m not sure if I’m that blind and oblivious, but in my four years at school I’ve never heard of a men’s rugby team.  This guy was striking out all over the place.  But the night got more interesting when I overheard a conversation in the bathroom.

The women in the bathroom knew my friend and I were in there, but it didn’t stop them.  Here’s how it went:

Girl 1: I really want to sleep with him, but I shouldn’t.  I don’t know him that well.

Girl 2: Yeah, but sometimes it’s better that way.

Girl 1:  Maybe if he wants to go out again.  I mean he’s 35…why is he still single?

Girl 2:  You’re 34!

Tonight I also realized that I haven’t had to buy myself alcohol in months.  I don’t want to make it seem that I go in search of guys to use them because clearly the story above proves that wrong.  It’s just kinda strange, how things work out.  Last time I bought myself a drink I bought it because I didn’t want the guy I was with to buy me one.  I felt bad that he kept buying me things.  I like to feel independant and not rely on any guy monetarily.  What are the rules anymore when it comes to going out?  Who pays for what?  Should you offer to pay?  This sounds like a job for Ava V.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a men’s rugby team…


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Providence College


Providence is a city many people seem to forget about. When I tell people I go to Providence College, they ask me where it is.  They don’t realize it’s in the capital of Rhode Island; that’s most likely because, in my mind, Rhode Island shouldn’t even be considered a state.  But I’m not saying Massachusetts should take it over either, I don’t want to be lumped in with that.  Rhode has the worst drivers in the nation, as researched by GMAC Insurance.  Although to be fair, MA isn’t much better.  I wanted to start a series of posts about Providence, since a lot of readers know very little about the city.  Let’s start first with my school, PC.

You can look it up on Urban Dictionary, and most of what you read is true.  Our school’s student body is known to be rich white kids who dress like they just walked out of an Abercrombie or Polo ad (think prep school).  And although this is true about some, I know a lot of people who are different in terms of social class, but the white is pretty dominant and hard not to see.  Despite this shocking account,  our school is actually located in the ghetto of Providence.  In our section of the ghetto a 7/11 is run by a policeman, houses are constantly broken into, and mugging is a common occurrence (once a little woman robbed 7 people). 

One good thing about school is you’re surrounded by people just like you; the bad thing is that you’re surrounded by people just like you.  Everyone is so nice and polite that just discussion on a blog is difficult.  Many people have told me what they think of my posts, but they rarely comment because they’re afraid to offend me.  NEWS ALERT: It’s okay just post it up.  It might be “politically incorrect” to say, but if you see a black guy, he’s probably on the basketball team.  We have very little diversity in our study body; so to increase this, our school recently got rid of the requirement for SAT scores.  And just because we’re a catholic school, doesn’t mean we don’t drink.  Your fake id is used more than your student id, and there are plenty of close bars to crash (Louie’s, Brads, Olds, Clubbies, McPhails, McFaddens, Fish Co., etc.)  And unlike most schools, we have no frats or sororities.  We still have house parties, such as Ridiculous Fest, which is always held on the last day of classes and starts promptly in the morning.  Drinking is also a major contributor to our Civ Scream.  Civ Scream is meant to release the frustration for studying for Development of Western Civilization exams, which are only for freshmen and sophomores, but the event is really more for the upperclassmen.  It’s excuse to get drunk and streak, or jump on a pogo stick

We have some semi famous notable alumni, but the most meaningful to me is John O’Hurley, who was best known as Elaine’s boss on Seinfeld.  If you read this blog, you’ll understand.

So now you know where I’m coming from, unlike all you DC bloggers.

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