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This Ain’t A Fairy Tale

the title is a reference to the taylor swift song “white horse” check it out

like we’ve seen parents are funny, but whats funnier is parents when they were our age. last week i went out to dinner with a friend and her family. her mom was regaling me with stories of her and her husband when they first started dating.

when a woman starts dating a guy theres two things that run through her head: is he my prince charming? or is he a psycho killer? most of us take the appropriate steps to figure out which he is, and if he’s neither we don’t hang on for too long. instead of him picking her up at her house (which would obviously be the wrong way to go), she had him pick her up at her aunt’s house. but the most shocking thing, was he did the same thing! he had her drop him off on the side of the road with no house in sight! way to be alert.

one night after they had being seeing each other for a while they went out with their friends separately, but it happened to be the same bar. the problem: she was playing hard to get. so she walked past him, and didn’t acknowledge him….gutsy. but he didn’t let it slide. what do you think would happen if you did that? why he or she call you out? i think i’d get ripped to shreds.


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Devil’s Radio

“gossip is the devil’s radio” ~ George Harrison

the weather’s hasn’t kept me holed up inside.  last night i had dinner with the doctor.  i’ve become his personal dating counsultant (pdc), it’s unpaid position but with economy being as it is, i took it.  most people would probably get bored after 20 minutes but i loved all 120 minutes of it…that’s why i’m the only one who gets 98% of the story.

gossip and stories in general put a smile on my face, so if you want to share i’d love to hear it.  i’m also good at keeping secrets despite what you might have heard, you just have to outline what is off limits to repeat.  but right now i don’t have much to contribute from my own life.

doctor: so what have you been up to?

me: well today i made some candy, and did some laundry…really i’m just keeping up on my tool set.

doctor: *shakes head*

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Meal For Deux

when i have nothing to do, my mind wanders, and today all i could think about was that i really want to go out on a date.  nothing special, maybe a trip to the zoo or a museum.  because, frankly, it’s been a while.  i’ve never asked anyone out before, so i’m hoping someone sees this and does the work for me. but no movie…not a first date.  that just provides more time for me to get nervous and freak out inside my head.  it happened one time in high school, and from that day forward i promised to never do that again.

so instead of a date, a cooked a meal for two…

bazilla and ruz (aka peas and rice for all you non-arabic speaking readers)

1 tsp oil
1/2 lb ground turkey (or beef)
1/2 onion, diced
1 small can tomato sauce
1 can peas

brown turkey and sweat onions in oil till meat is cooked through. then add can of peas and tomato sauce. let it come to a simmer then serve over rice.
 and ate it all myself (but don’t worry it was mostly veggies…).

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Doing Too Much


The way I feel about myself cuz I got self-esteem, sometimes I wonder if I’m just chasing a fantasy

I’m not sure if I’ve told you before, but I love to people watch.  And a favorite place of mine for this is our school’s cafeteria, especially on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Any time after a night out is a great time to people watch.

I was eating lunch there the other day when I overheard a guy talking to his mom, he was complaining about taking girls out on dates.  He went on about how to take girls to a nice place, which according to him girls expect, it costs way too much to do it too often.  Apparently his gf and him had a fight about this, which is why he was telling his mom.  The gf didn’t understand why spending money on her was such a bad thing.  He tried to reason with the girl by saying, “if you stay with me, you’ll thank me when we’re sixty.”

I think most guys and girls would agree that going out doesn’t need to be extravagant, but every once in a while is nice.  It was just interesting to see this guy get so irritated over the subject.  Am I seeing this right, or do girls expect this time of treatment all the time?  I need your opinion blog readers.

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Hey Jealousy

The past is gone but something might be found to take its place…hey jealousy

~Gin Blossoms

In relationships, jealousy is the most powerful emotion (I realized this after reading this post on first date dc).  It’s part love part hate and together they form a mighty combination.  The only problem is that you have to know how to use it.  Once you know you have this great power, it’s easy to abuse.  However, abusing it won’t get you anywhere, instead you have to instill a difficult balancing act.  With that being said, let me show you some examples. 

The obvious example is to talk to another person of the opposite sex when you’re out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but we can do better than that.  Let’s say you get a phone call, on most dates (if the person means anything to you) you don’t answer, but if him or her is doing the obvious (stated above) you answer.  And when he/she asks you who it is, the best thing you can say is “a friend.”  “A friend” is a critical answer.  It leaves much to desire: was it really just a friend? was it an ex? was it someone they like?…etc.  It gets the mind running which in turn sparks the jealousy flame.  You turn them against themselves by changing the context, which is the key to winning any argument.

Another example, you just broke up with your bf/gf but instead of staying in and mopping you go out.  You see him/her across the bar, but you’re talking to someone else.  So instead of talking to you, your ex asks your friend about the situation (is that her/his new guy/girl? why is he hanging out with her? is she mad at me?).  And what does your friend come back with: “I don’t know,” and now the flame is lit.  So next time you’re in one of these situations, try it.

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