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Law of Opposites

The Law of Opposites is just a variation of the Law of Unintended Consequences. When we attempt to achieve a certain goal – like, “make the world safe for democracy,” a grandiose scheme of World War I – one can be sure the world will become less safe and less democratic regardless of the motivation. ~ Ron Paul

an excerpt from my journal entry 2-2-09:

if you hold yourself to certain expectations it actually prevents you from achieving them.  in the end you just have to know life can be a wonderful journey, and stop letting things from letting you experience it. 

my fear of failure prevents me from actually doing most things.  i guess i should be a “yes girl,” and to be honest i’ve d one much more since returning from omaha.  i visited mia madison in new york city, went out to dinner with friends a few times, visited prance kitten multiple times, went to dc.  and coming up is a cake competition with a friend, seeing prance kitten again while i’m up that way, pc alumni weekend and britney.  that’s a lot of activity for a girl that normally lives in a box. 

if you’re a shut-in nothing will ever happen, because opportunity doesn’t knock on your front door, you must seek it.  seriously i stopped taking voice lessons because of fear, i stopped taking dance lessons, and i picked a major to avoid being compared to family members that most certainly would have been a failure in comparison.  it seems like i really miss out on a lot…


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Hell to Heaven

i just had the best weekend i’ve had in a while, but it didn’t start off that way.  i was on the bus ride from hell.  i already had reservations about the bus ride from past experience, but i put those emotions aside when i saw how cheap it was. 

my friend, the prance kitten, and i stood in line for the bus for a good 30 minutes, after 25 minutes of waiting we decided we should get some food for the ride.  then right as she was looking at our options, the bus started boarding…no food for us.  normally i can last 4 hours without food, but i didn’t eat anything since lunch which was 5 hours before.  then we sat in seats with zero leg room.  my legs aren’t long, but they need space to be free.  and if that wasn’t enough the heat was easily set to 90 degrees.  we were sitting in pools of our own sweat…it wasn’t pretty. 

we decided our only options was to take off all the clothes we could while still looki being covered up and just keep talking to keep food off our minds.  it was torture to see the people in front of us pull out sandwiches followed by numerous snacks.  if i had an escape i would have taken something and ran, but i was stuck.  eventually we got there and ordered indian food, streched our legs, and got really cold in the 10 degree weather…it was great.

i think god felt bad, and decided to help me out the next day.  prance kitten and i went to the gym for a dance class.  i spotted my first nyc celeb, david duchovny…appartently the dance teacher has been trying to get him to take the class for weeks.  i was already excited for the dance class for just being dance, but it got better when i heard the first notes….kill the lights.  if dancing to britney wasn’t good enough the 80 year old woman next to me, made me love it even more.  she goes 3 times a week, and really knew how to break it down.

great memories were made, and those were just the first 24 hours.

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But All The Other Girls Got Flowers

there i was at work, in a daze that had gone on for a few hours, when a woman from my department brought me flowers. they were to wish me well on moving back to massachusetts.

it’s official, my job treats me better than any boyfriend i’ve ever had.

the last time i got flowers was after a dance recital because i guilted my mom into it because “all the other girls got flowers from their parents.” it was then when i realized it’s the thought that makes it so special. getting something you expect doesn’t compare to a surprise…that’s what makes it so special.

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i’ve read many great books in my life (everyone worth knowing, something borrowed, summer sisters), but the greatest book of all is my journal.  i’ve been writing for the past 6 years.  i write every day, whether there is something exciting, depressing, or not.  it contains some of the most personal emotions and thoughts that i will never share with anyone (it will be written in my will for them to be destroyed after i pass).  my journal, not to be confused with a diary which has a lock and key, is my favorite book.  i use it to document my life and the way i feel at those times.  yes, it’s predictable, seeing as i wrote it and all, but it tells some of the best stories.  most of these stories i forget with time, but as i read it they all come back to life.  it’s like being back in that state of mind and circumstances.  although i rarley give my journal to anyone to read i’ve highlighted some lines for your enjoyment (i’ll even use exact text).

“when we were out a random guy leaned in and told me ‘you look a lot like my future ex-wife’ ok creepy much?”

“i feel like he’s always gonna be in my life in one form or another and will always break my heart whether he means to or not…great!”

“my mom called today to make sure i was still breathing…how thoughtful”

“i felt better right away cause he looked me up and down and complimented my top”

“he imed me and said ‘hey princess’…at least he has my name right”

“it was probably a mass text but i couldn’t resist the urge and responded”

“i found ‘wish upon a star’ on youtube…what a day!”

“today i couldn’t think of anything besides dance”

“he told me to dress in a batman uniform to win any guy’s attention”

“since it’s friday we all wore dresses”

“i think i have a dylan”

obviously i can’t give away any of the really good stories.  i wanted to write two other lines, but i had to protect the privacy of one of my friends and i couldn’t boost the ego of another blogger, who’s ego is already pretty big.

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PC Fashion Icons

As my time at college is winding down, I think it’s appropriate that I think the people that got me to where I am today.  For me, fashion is one of the biggest components of who I am, so it’s only right that I thank those fashion icons across campus (so why not make a list?  I love lists).

1. Amish looking girl

She wears long skirts and sweaters that are possibly home-made.  I use to look at her confused and wonder where she came from (how far can you really travel with a horse and buggy?), but now I really want to thank her.  She has poise and confidence to dress unlike anyone else on this campus.  I really admire people that do what they want to do (calling audibles), and she does just that (this is when I wish I had pictures for you).

2. Boy who wears short shorts in the gym

I see you when I’m there working out and I’m just a tad perplexed.  You are extremely pale, but that doesn’t stop you from showing some skin.  You wear shorts that are yes short for men, but are also shorter than what most girls wear.  But again, I admire you, because you do what you want when you want.  Plus those shorts just look amazing with the lifting gloves you wear (I guess you didn’t read VKs post?)

3. “Fashionistas”

This ode is to all of those girls out there who are gutsy enough to take a step out on a limb and try something different.  Today it was the girl who wore sparkly silver pumps to class (yes it was too late for a walk of shame).  Or its those girls that started the leggin movement. 

4. Me

Lastly, I want to acknowledge myself.  Yes I push the fashion envelope myself.  I wear my sunglasses at night (because the sun never sets on a bad ass), and I go all out for my dance costume that calls for “80s workout wear” (I’ll wearing leggins with orange shorts over it, with a razorback top with a large tshirt that has an exaggerated neck; not to mention the colorful scuncii and purple sweatbands.  Shameless plug: go to my dance show this Sunday and Monday night 7pm).

In the end, do what you want, and think nothing else.  Don’t waste any of your time contemplating what others will think of you.  We don’t need more cookie cutters in this world, we want INDIVIDUALS.

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Mad Dance Skills

I wish I had mad skills like the little kid in the red coat.  What a dancing prodigy!  Take notes.

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