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Hell to Heaven

i just had the best weekend i’ve had in a while, but it didn’t start off that way.  i was on the bus ride from hell.  i already had reservations about the bus ride from past experience, but i put those emotions aside when i saw how cheap it was. 

my friend, the prance kitten, and i stood in line for the bus for a good 30 minutes, after 25 minutes of waiting we decided we should get some food for the ride.  then right as she was looking at our options, the bus started boarding…no food for us.  normally i can last 4 hours without food, but i didn’t eat anything since lunch which was 5 hours before.  then we sat in seats with zero leg room.  my legs aren’t long, but they need space to be free.  and if that wasn’t enough the heat was easily set to 90 degrees.  we were sitting in pools of our own sweat…it wasn’t pretty. 

we decided our only options was to take off all the clothes we could while still looki being covered up and just keep talking to keep food off our minds.  it was torture to see the people in front of us pull out sandwiches followed by numerous snacks.  if i had an escape i would have taken something and ran, but i was stuck.  eventually we got there and ordered indian food, streched our legs, and got really cold in the 10 degree weather…it was great.

i think god felt bad, and decided to help me out the next day.  prance kitten and i went to the gym for a dance class.  i spotted my first nyc celeb, david duchovny…appartently the dance teacher has been trying to get him to take the class for weeks.  i was already excited for the dance class for just being dance, but it got better when i heard the first notes….kill the lights.  if dancing to britney wasn’t good enough the 80 year old woman next to me, made me love it even more.  she goes 3 times a week, and really knew how to break it down.

great memories were made, and those were just the first 24 hours.


January 19, 2009 at 11:49 am 2 comments

A Few Things I’ve Learned On The RIPTA


Two days a week I take the RIPTA to work, and over the course of a few weeks I’ve learned some very important lessons. 

1. Who needs a doctor when you have a medical expert sitting next to you.

One man went on and on about how to cure athlete’s foot and a tooth abscess.  From all his trial and tribulations he’s found ways to get rid of these horrible medical concerns.  And he felt the need to tell the bus driver loud enough for the entire bus to hear.  What a thoughtful man.

2. Don’t have friends who are the same sex as you are.

According to one woman all her female friends are only in her life to try to steal her man from her.  So she vowed to never have female friends again and only hang out with the fellas.  I’m so glad, I learned this lesson now and not before it’s too late.

3. If you’re not sure…under-pluck.

Some people are way to obsessed with plucking their eye brows and as I saw today it can lead to an even bigger problem….no more eyebrows.  The woman I saw today felt the need to compensate for this unfortunate accident by drawing them on.  But she should have gotten some help, because she looked rather surprised even though the rest of her face showed no emotion.  What a magic trick!

I never knew I could learn so much outside the classroom.  I guess this means instead of studying in the library, I should devote more of my time people watching.

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