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When Lying Is Good

i am the worst liar i know.  i can’t lie even if it meant a life of happiness.  this past weekend my horrible skills were put to the test.  i was in dc for my brother’s birthday.  his girlfriend was planning a surprise part for him.  keeping that from him was hard, but when he decided to make his own plans it got even harder.  the party was suppose to start between 8 and 9, but the only reservation we could get for dinner at Ray’s the Steaks was 9:30.  when he looked to me for agreement on the time (since we normally eat around 6 or 7) all i could do was stare blankly back at him.

luckily i wasn’t the only one who knew about the surprise and my sister fixed it.  we went to dinner where his gf would meat us (last week in an email my sister typed “meat” instead of “meet”…i couldn’t resist here seeing that we were at a steakhouse), but we finished our meal before she arrived so we needed to stall. 

how do you stall any boy?  you start talking about them.  it’s often stated that girls love talking about themselves, but boys love it more than we do.  it worked like a charm, as we chronicled all of his major life accomplishments.  she was there shortly, blindfolded him and threw him in a cab.  i made it the whole night, without spilling it.  the best part was seeing him caught off guard because that never happens, he normally taps into his sixth sense aka body language.

Ross: Phoebe, there is no secret, okay? I didn’t propose!
Phoebe: Are you lying? Is this like that time you tried to convince us you were a doctor?


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Happy 4th!

(This is basically what it looks like) 

Happy 4th of July everyone!  It’s one of the best holidays of the year, of course it doesn’t bet Christmas.  A day filled with BBQs, beer, and fireworks. 

I usually celebrate my birthday on the 4th because it’s close and excuse to double up on special events, birthday and holiday all in one.  In my family we don’t gather more than once every few weeks, and when we go get together we eat and leave.  The whole time everyone is looking at their watches and wondering when they can leave.  But it’s not like we don’t like each other, because we do.  I guess that’s just the “Northerner” in all of us, rushing from place to place for no apparent reason.

But today is an exceptional year.  My parents will be in our town’s parade.  My mom will be dressed as Betsy Ross, in all her long blue dress and wig glory.  My dad was suppose to be Davy Crockett, but somehow the costume went “missing.”  Supposedly it got dropped off at the house when no one was home, so it was left outside on the porch….but now it is no where to be found.  My guess is that my dad hid it somewhere, because he wanted to be any character from history with a gun, like Daniel Boone.  Interesting…

Well now I have to go take embarrassing pictures…enjoy your holiday!

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After Hours

I really must admit working in the restaurant industry is something everyone should experience because nothing is considered off limits.  People get called out, fights happened, and polite faces are put on for customers (when I was on the phone with my friend I was saying goodbye to some customers when my friend said I’ve never heard that voice before, where did that come from?  I said it’s my polite voice and I don’t use it too often.  But at the end of the day we all end up at the same bar. 

Last night after work we all went to the bar across the street.  Before last night I’ve never gone out with people I’ve worked with, so I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about it.  But it was really fun.  And the guys don’t even stop to say “ear muffs,” they just say it.  I think I’m starting to become desensitized to things that even the thought of would usually just gross me out.  Some of the servers can be a bit strange and even creepy, like when one told me “we’re going all out for your birthday.”  How did he know my birthday was coming up?…so I asked him.  He said, “I wouldn’t be a good stalker if I didn’t know it was in July.”  And I was worried my summer wouldn’t be exciting.

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Turning 22

When I was at work last night my coworker asked me, “Do you have a good fake id?”  To which I sadly replied, “No I have a real one.”

Last year when I turned 21 I was so depressed.  I refused to celebrate my birthday, didn’t take phone calls, and even went so far as to take the date off my facebook page.  To me, 21 was nothing new.  I had already had drinks and gotten drunk, so really nothing was changing; instead, it was more of a milestone that I wasn’t a kid anymore.  I was getting old! 

I can gladly say, I that crisis has passed and with my birthday coming up I want to plan something big to make up for last year.  But the problem is where to have it.  Everyone knows the best ideas are never planned and are spontaneous, but we do need a location to at least start at.  I’m thinking the beach but I do have issues with that.  The biggest being, I’m not a fan of sand sticking to you after you’ve been in the ocean.  But if it’s at the right time (later on), this might work.  Ugh, I think I remember why I hate birthday parties.

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