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After Hours

I really must admit working in the restaurant industry is something everyone should experience because nothing is considered off limits.  People get called out, fights happened, and polite faces are put on for customers (when I was on the phone with my friend I was saying goodbye to some customers when my friend said I’ve never heard that voice before, where did that come from?  I said it’s my polite voice and I don’t use it too often.  But at the end of the day we all end up at the same bar. 

Last night after work we all went to the bar across the street.  Before last night I’ve never gone out with people I’ve worked with, so I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about it.  But it was really fun.  And the guys don’t even stop to say “ear muffs,” they just say it.  I think I’m starting to become desensitized to things that even the thought of would usually just gross me out.  Some of the servers can be a bit strange and even creepy, like when one told me “we’re going all out for your birthday.”  How did he know my birthday was coming up?…so I asked him.  He said, “I wouldn’t be a good stalker if I didn’t know it was in July.”  And I was worried my summer wouldn’t be exciting.


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What Do You Know About Omaha?

Omaha here I come.  I got into grad. school, so I’ll be moving out to Nebraska sometime at the end of the summer.  I’m so excited, but I’ll be honest and say all I really know about the area is what I read on Wikipedia.  So if you know anything please leave a comment, especially if you know good bars or restaurants.

So the best part is I’ll be living with my cousin.  A few weeks ago we walked through stores like Pottery Barn together while we compiled a mental image of our “dream” apartment.  But of course, like most people our age, we can’t afford Pottery Barn, so we’ll have to do our best imitation.  I know how to find good deals, and ikea is great for basics, but are they any other stores or online chic places to shop?

So like I’ve said I’m very excited, but there’s still that small part of me that is scared.  The part of me that is always very vulnerable to change.  The good part is if I would have done this a year ago scared would have been terrified and the move never would have happened.  Lately I’ve seen myself open to new opportunities, and this is just another chance to accept that change.  So if you have any advice on moving to a new city it would be much appreciated.

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Seinfeld at Night


Well it looked to be just a typical Saturday night for me.  I could have stayed home, but it really wasn’t an option.  So I evaluated my situation: Some alumni were up for the weekend and were headed to the same bar we went to last night (this would have been the easy choice).  Some other friends were headed downtown for a birthday.  And with this going on, I started to hear George in my head:

Waitress : Tuna on toast, coleslaw, cup of coffee.

George : Yeah. No, no, no, wait a minute, I always have tuna on toast. Nothing’s ever worked out for me with tuna on toast. I want the complete opposite of on toast. Chicken salad, on rye, untoasted … and a cup of tea.

I knew I had to go downtown.  Why have a continuation like last night when I could go downtown to a place I’ve never been before?

There was a big group of us, most of which I didn’t know, so after we got drinks, I was a little outgoing.  I introduced myself, and was soon dancing with all of them.  Dancing, if you don’t know me, is one thing I love, so that part wasn’t hard.  The hard part was dancing with someone that I have no interest in.  If I don’t like you, it’s hard to dance with you.  But I got over myself, and realized he was actually a good dancer…a little forward, but still a good dancer.  I had to give it to him; most guys are too shy or self conscious to dance in public.  Too stay with him all night, would have been too easy, so I left with my friend early to get back to our alumni friends. 

We had an hour left before the bar closed, but we made the best of it.  We were dancing and yelling singing along.  At one point dancing seemed like an obstacle course.  One friend was swinging his ass so hard it made it hard not to fall over, and one friend is so tall that I crawled through his legs just to escape the maddness.  In the end, it was a good night because it was so far from normal.

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