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Hot Or Not


Today my roommate and I were reminiscing about our past usage of  We uploaded some pictures sophomore year; we just couldn’t resist after hearing about it.  To put it simply the website is used to rate the attractiveness of people on a scale of 1 to 10.  I think most people can relate to this scale, as many of us use it on a daily basis whether consciously or not.  And most people use the site for 1 of 2 reasons:

1.  They know they are attractive and just need it to be confirmed to boost their ego.


2. They think they aren’t that good looking, but they’re hoping they strike a cord with someone out in cyberspace.

As I recall, I averaged a 7 sophomore year…a solid rating.  But now I want to see if I’ve “improved,” so I uploaded a new picture.  We’ll see what happens, it’s out of my hands now.


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5 Reasons Why The South Is Better Than The North


1. People are friendlier.

When walking past southerners they often smile, instead of pretending to stare at the ground like most northerners.  They also usually say good morning/afternoon/evening.  To get a vocal hello from a stranger in the north is highly unusual and most likely will come from a person not originally from the north.

2. People are most attractive.

With nicer weather year round they can spend more of their time outdoors going for a run or bike ride.  They’re not confined to their homes or making excuses that it’s too cold to go to the gym.

3. Better Rotaries

Instead of being standard and boring southern rotaries are quite spruced up.  They often have fountains in the middle with flowers and palm trees around the edges. 

4. Better Drivers

To start they don’t have the same reputation as New Yorkers or Bostonians, which is really half the battle.  Southerners will not cut your off, but in the rare occasion that it happens they will wave and say sorry.  Northerners, on the other hand, will flick you off and laugh sucker to themselves.

5. Better Weather

As already referenced in #2 the weather is a big part of the south.  Their ocean is actually warm in the summer and they rarely get snow.  Not to mention that I was just there and was wearing flip flops in FEBRUARY!!

 But with any list there are exceptions, and this list is does not escape that rule.  The one downside to the south is the occasional redneck.  You don’t run into them often but when you do, you usually come out with a story to tell.  I’ll save you the extended version of my story, but basically I was stuck in a van with a man from the backwoods of Tennessee who spoke nothing outside the realm of Yankees, guns, and NASCAR.  (I just searched southerner on google and the other suggestion that came up was redneck…coincidence?)  You win some, you lose some; in the end it still seems like an obvious choice.

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