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No Posers 2008

This year I’m hoping for no posers 2008.  This goes to men who think they are alphas but are really disguised betas.  I’ve had enough of you!  You constantly compliment me and throw around the idea of going out, but don’t follow through…what’s that about?  Are you not man enough?  That’s the only conclusion I can think of.  Stop telling me how you’re “such a catch” and man up!  Who cares how hot you are, if you have no personality to back it up…you’re useless.  You know who you are.  I’ve met a few of you in my college years (we litterally nicknamed a kid: “the kid with no personality”…his friend had to do the talking for him).  You talk a lot of smack in the bars, but once its time to leave you don’t know what you’re next move should be.   Should it be obvious at this point?  And if you’re still clueless, this is why girls talk to assholes: they walk and talk.  Don’t defend yourself by saying “i’m not sure if you’re into me,” because if i’m into you it’s obvious.  I don’t play around.  It’s not middle school, I don’t need to mess with people’s minds.  So here goes…

Dear boy i like,

You’ve mentioned a few topics to let me know your interested (…commencement dates…).  Here’s where you make your move.  Stop talking about school (our class)… who cares it’s the weekend.  Man up and do something unexpected.  Tonight’s your chance…stop being a poser.

Love, Ava V


April 11, 2008 at 8:20 pm 1 comment

Alpha Males

An alpha male, as defined by urban dictionary, is a “domineering and aggressive male. Instinctually forces his will upon other males and females to get his way through any means necessary, including violence. Unhibited and primitive.”  Since it can be defined I’m assuming they actually exsist out there.  But most of time, I find that I want to combine the looks of one guy with the personality of another to make the perfect alpha male.  If only that was possible…you could have the best of both worlds.  I know a lot of girls who would pay good money for this.  I know me and my friend talk about these two guys we know.  One has the looks, and one has the personality, neither of which is great on their own.  I guess we just have to keep searching and hope, like other mysteries such as the loch ness and bigfoot, the alpha male does exsist!

January 19, 2008 at 2:41 pm 1 comment