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I’m Blind!

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shopping online is great.  you get to hop from store to store and view every item without having to do more than click your mouse.  but there is one problem that needs immediate attention. 

let’s say you are shopping and you want to look at pants.  you don’t want to keep clicking “next page” so instead you click “view all.”  but here’s the real question: is there ever a circumstance when you don’t want to view all?  NO! 

i’m greedy and i want to see all of the possibilities.  don’t limit my fashion views, just give me the real deal.  i can handle it.  it should be assumed you want to view all, don’t make me click it.


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Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

this is the coolest thing i’ve seen since napster: Listen To

you can make any video into an audio file.  think about all the  possibilities…

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I Need A Dog

it’s official i need a dog.  ever since my dog died four years ago i wanted another, but now i need one.  i was sitting at home waiting for desperate housewives to come on when out of the corner of my eye i see something small and gray. i turn my head…it’s a mouse “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

what am i suppose to do?  if i had a gun i would try to shoot it, because there’s no way in hell i’m getting close to that thing.  or if i find it dead, i’m not picking it up because i would be scared it would come back to life just to taunt me.  this is why i need a dog.  max, my old dog, once killed a bunny because he thought it was a toy.  that’s what i need…a dog with a killer instinct.

or i can just get the rat zapper.

February 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm 1 comment

Go Ahead, Make My Day…No Really Don’t

am i paranoid or just aware? when i’m exiting a building and walking towards my car the first thing i do is grab my keys. on my key chain i have two keys, which are then placed in between my knuckles. if you try to surprise me, believe me when i say you have another coming. then when i make it successfully to my car i immediately lock the doors. so what other tips do you have for me? if i’m going to do this i have to do it right.

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Life Goal 1…Accomplished

i accomplished one of my life goals at the ripe age of 22: i lost my voice. i always thought it was kind of sexy/mysterious and it would give me the perfect opportunity to perfect my mime skills. and although it’s pretty great, there were some unforseen pitfalls.

the biggest being i can’t scream. if a serial killer was chasing me i would have no chance to scream bloody murder. if i was being robbed no one would have a clue. and even worse when i try to scream my body throws itself into a coughing fit.

with all that said, i’m starting to regain my voice and it’s at the perfect medium to sing the best rendition of “smelly cat.” so excuse me while i step on stage…

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Go Towards the Light

so there i was just driving along. on my way to pick up a few things at the grocery store when i noticed a light blinding my vision. pretty soon i realized it was my low fuel light. if i recall on monday i had three quarters full and had been driving on the same tank for 2+ weeks. how does this happen? i wasn’t happy to have to fill up in the neighborhood i did, but i figured i shouldn’t chance it. it’s not like i have my dad to bail me out if i tried to pull one over on my tank….and let’s face it no one else would help except maybe the AAA man (but even he would get a pretty good laugh out of it). at least it only cost $1.71/gallon.

ps did anyone else see that lifetime movie with uncle jesse doing a line? have mercy!

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being vertically challenged all my life, it would be easy for me to blame my genes and lock myself in my room. but then i uncovered a hidden secret: the water from the shorter bublahs (water fountains for everyone outside of MA) is always colder.

it’s a great secret, because when everyone else is waiting it line to drink from the bublah more close to their height and get disguisted with the temperature, i laugh and drink some that is ice cold. not to mention, no one is ever waiting behind me in line. i get it all to myself. so do yourself a favor and bend over.

November 10, 2008 at 8:14 pm 1 comment

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