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Partying At “The Dome”

the weekend was interesting.  i saw a lot of people i was use to seeing every saturday night at college.  i also saw a few people i wanted to avoid, but failed miserably at.  i tried to just sit there and ignore certain creepers, but apparently i had an inviting look on my face that said “come closer, and put your arm around me.”

the best thing about alumni weekend was experiencing “the dome.”  what a fitting name for an off-campus house, because as dane cook says, “if you come there you know what the fuck’s up.”  the named dome room is actually the dj booth, the real magical room is the one behind that.  it was like being at a rave: fog machine on overload, lasers, black lights, and loud music.  but the dance floor didn’t really pick up till “i’m on a boat” came on…

shortly after a guy approaches mia madison, “will you dance with my friend he has down syndrome?”  that’s when she got scared, because he was actually something worse: a blacked out lacrosse player.  why weren’t all college parties like this?


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I Feel The Adrenaline Moving Through My Veins

in one month it’s just me, mia madison, and britney.  mia once said she could talk in britney lyrics in everyday speech, so for the concert how could we not do it?  and i guess we started practicing early because with alumni weekend looming, it got me and mia madison reminiscing…


miamadison: wat about george?

avav: remember how him and my ex roommate kept hooking up even after they found out they were related?

miamadison: hahaha yes. gross.


a guy like you should wear a warning…it’s dangerous


miamadison: did we ever have a crush on drunk joe?  thats wat betty sue told me. she said we had the “biggest crush on him”

miamadison: i dont believe it.

avav: yeah we did, we thought he was so cute. you don’t remember? we use to get nervous when he would walk into a room

miamadison: hahaha…gross.


i get the tingle i wanna mingle, that’s what i want


avav: we need to pick out our outfits too.  we have to look good so we don’t have to “dream about all the things that never were.”

miamadison: we should do manicures too. u gotta look good, head to toe

avav: i want to paint mine black or dark purple

miamadison: “french fingertips…something red lips…BITCH IS DANGEROUS”


should be a fun weekend. 


references were made to britney’s “circus,” “toxic,” “radar,” “out from under,” and “lace and leather.”

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Time To Graduate

Last week the senior class had three events that led up to yesterday’s graduation. 

The first night was at a club in providence called the complex.  The club consists of 4 rooms, that all play different types of music.  Although I wasn’t there to witness it, the final few songs were a melody of boy band hits from the 90s, a perfect ending to a perfect evening.  I just have one tip for you, if you don’t know how to dance…no big deal, not everyone is JT….but don’t step on your partner’s feet!

The second day was at the casino, Twin River.  I saw a comic who made fun of everyone, saying we’ll all be unemployed in a week.  We also saw a hypnotist, but I that’s not real, so there’s no reason to dwell on it.  The night’s finale was a concert by the grammy awarding winning artist: Coolio.  Other than gangstas paradise, the concert was so horrible that it was humorous.  One song was called “I like girls”…it was a little repetitive and went a little something like this: “I like girls, I like girls, oooo weeee I like girls.”  And at the end of the concert he plugged his cooking show, Cookin’ with Coolio…aka the gansta gourmet.  He also has a new cd coming out called “Steal Hear.”  But the best was when he announced his age, 44!  Oh and he came back to campus and partied with some students….seems reasonable huh?

The last night was a formal up in Boston at the Park Plaza.  The dj was horrible and totally killed the mood with songs like the electric slide and the chicken dance.  But we got dressed up and looked cute one last time.

The saddest part was knowing that once it was over, it was time to graduate; and that’s what happened yesterday.  It wasn’t depressing to get my diploma, it was just sad to think that I will never see most of those people ever again, most of which is fine, but there’s those others.  The other people that you’re not quite good enough friends with to go see, but good enough that you want to.  It amazing to think how many wonderful people I was able to meet over the four years at college.  I would hate for that to go to waste.

death ain’t nothing but a heartbeat away,
i’m living life, do or die, what can I say
i’m 23 now, but will I live to see 24
the way things are going I don’t know

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College Review: Sketchiest Moment

Before I tell you the story of my sketchiest moment I need to give you some background.  For one reason or another, I am always the one in my group of friends to be hit on by the bouncers.  I have no idea why, so if someone can explain this phenomenon…please do.  So here we go…

I’m out with my friends when one bouncer decides I’m his lucky girl of the night.  When he talked to me I didn’t really know what to say back because I really didn’t want to entertain the thought in either of our heads; instead I just made some nervous laughter.  The night went on and I was back with my friends when he pulls one of them aside. 

I might be making a big assumption but I think she must have been pretty drunk by this point, because otherwise her giving him my number just wouldn’t make any sense.  So I get up to fix this situation when he starts telling me that he is enlisting in the army and will be leaving soon.  To prove it he showed me his shaved head which was covered by a hat because he was too ashamed of how he looked.  And like a member of the armed forces, he needed someone to write love letters to, and lucky me I was the chosen one. 

Can you say sketch ball? 

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College Review

College is coming to end, and I’ve decided to relive the best moments of all four years right here at TMP.  Of course all times cannot be remembered in a week, so there are some that will not make the cut.  But after thinking about this for a while I can gladly say there is nothing I regret.  There are moments I’d rather not relive, but nothing I regret.  One of those being dating two guys at time.

Ah yes, sophomore year…I didn’t do it on purpose, it was never a goal like it seems to be for most men between 18-25…it just sort of happened.  It ended cause it was just way to stressful for me to handle by myself.  How do people do that all the time?  Plus I felt horrible for both of them even one was doing a similar thing to me.  Luckily neither ever found out about each other, and I still talk to them now.  Kinda weird how stuff pans out.  Oh well anyway, the college review starts next week just in time for finals. So grab your notebooks, pens, and graphing calculators this could get complicated.

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Spring 2008 Dance Club Show

I have been so busy the past few weeks due my dance show that took place this past weekend.  We were having last minute rehersals up until the show, but I must say all the hard work payed off.  I was in two hip hop performances and modern dance. 

The first hip hop  was a mix of Kanye’s “Workout Plan,” Missy’s “I’m Really Hot,” and Unk’s “Walk It Out.”  The moves were pretty cool, there was even a push-up pyramid.  But by far the best part about it were the costumes.  We were told to wear 80s work out wear with tons of bright colors.  So of course me and my roommates went all out.  I was wearing a bright turquoise shirt with an exaggered cut out for my neck, with a racerback top underneath.  On the bottom I had grey leggins with orange runner’s shorts over them and of course bright pink pumas and knee high striped socks to match.  Oh and let’s not forget about the sparkley gold headband and red scrunchie.  When I get pictures I’ll upload them so you can have a good laugh.

The second hip hop dance was to two songs: “Get It Shawty” by Lloyd and “Now Drop” by Timbaland.  The first performance of it went well, but on the second night we had a bit of an accident.  One of the male dancers was jumping over another when he landed awkwardly on his bad knee (I hope he’s doing better now).  I didn’t even realize he wasn’t there till a point where I dance with him.  So I turned to my roommate (while on stage…not a good idea) and asked, “where is he?”  Instead of answer I got “the look,” so I just kept going and found out later.

The modern dance was one my roommate choreographed to Les Miserables’ song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” Apparently from what I heard this was the one dance in the show that was unlike any other and really stood out.  I even heard we brought people to the edge of their seats and had a few on the verge of tears because it was just like the actual performance in the musical.

Hopefully I’ll get the pictures up soon.  Right now they’re on my mom’s camera and she’s a little technology challenged, so you won’t see them until I upload them.  Until then, imagine as best you can.

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PC Fashion Icons

As my time at college is winding down, I think it’s appropriate that I think the people that got me to where I am today.  For me, fashion is one of the biggest components of who I am, so it’s only right that I thank those fashion icons across campus (so why not make a list?  I love lists).

1. Amish looking girl

She wears long skirts and sweaters that are possibly home-made.  I use to look at her confused and wonder where she came from (how far can you really travel with a horse and buggy?), but now I really want to thank her.  She has poise and confidence to dress unlike anyone else on this campus.  I really admire people that do what they want to do (calling audibles), and she does just that (this is when I wish I had pictures for you).

2. Boy who wears short shorts in the gym

I see you when I’m there working out and I’m just a tad perplexed.  You are extremely pale, but that doesn’t stop you from showing some skin.  You wear shorts that are yes short for men, but are also shorter than what most girls wear.  But again, I admire you, because you do what you want when you want.  Plus those shorts just look amazing with the lifting gloves you wear (I guess you didn’t read VKs post?)

3. “Fashionistas”

This ode is to all of those girls out there who are gutsy enough to take a step out on a limb and try something different.  Today it was the girl who wore sparkly silver pumps to class (yes it was too late for a walk of shame).  Or its those girls that started the leggin movement. 

4. Me

Lastly, I want to acknowledge myself.  Yes I push the fashion envelope myself.  I wear my sunglasses at night (because the sun never sets on a bad ass), and I go all out for my dance costume that calls for “80s workout wear” (I’ll wearing leggins with orange shorts over it, with a razorback top with a large tshirt that has an exaggerated neck; not to mention the colorful scuncii and purple sweatbands.  Shameless plug: go to my dance show this Sunday and Monday night 7pm).

In the end, do what you want, and think nothing else.  Don’t waste any of your time contemplating what others will think of you.  We don’t need more cookie cutters in this world, we want INDIVIDUALS.

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