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Grille Update

I’ve been working at the Capital Grille for two weeks now, and by the end of a month one of my goals is to be able to cook on the line for a lunch crowd.  For someone that has no culinary training, it seems a bit daunting.  But luckily I have great mentors, who understand my lack of experience and are willing to explain so much. As a result of this goal I got to go home with many of their recipes the other day.  So if you need a good au jus, au poivre, or hollandaise just let me know. 🙂


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First Day At The Grille


I started my internship with the Capital Grille.  I spent most of my time just watching and taking it all in, but that’s not all I did.  I did some prep work, and set plates that were ready for the tables.  Even though they considered it a slow day, I thought it was pretty busy.  Bottom line: I get to spend ten hours a week cooking, something I love, I also get paid, and get free lunches.  How awesome?  The lunches has to be the best part.  Today I had some sirloin.  Did you have free sirloin for lunch today?  I’m thinking not.  The only potential bad side effect I can forsee at the moment is the possible weight gain.  So I’ll have to stay on top of that, because that’s the last thing I need.  Oh and I forgot to mention the outfit.  I have to admit, I spent a few minutes admiring myself in the mirror.  With the hat and chef jacket I was just so cool looking.  It’s definitely my next halloween costume.  Naked chef anyone?

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