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i just made the most rachael ray meal that actually isn’t one yet: steak fajita pasta. 

1. place on water to boil.

2. chop onions and peppers.  pour pasta into pot.

3. saute veggies in a seperate pan.  in the last few minutes add pre cooked (leftover) steak and fajita seasoning (from a packet…cause it’s easy) and toss to combine.

4. drain pasta and toss in pan with veggies.

5. eat and enjoy.

ready for consumption in 15 minutes…i can’t wait 30 minutes to eat.  when i get hungry, i get hungry.


February 24, 2009 at 7:20 pm 1 comment

When I Hear Valentines Day I Think: Red Velvet and Broken Hearts

 now combine that with a cake competition, because that’s what i spent my time doing on saturday.

two halves of a broken heart on opposite ends of the platter seperate by fire with a chocolate knive stabbed into one side with blood pouring out. 

pretty graphic, but me and my friend, betty crocker felt we had to speak for those without a valentine this year.  if you made a valentine themed cake, what would yours look like?

February 10, 2009 at 11:53 am 1 comment

No Substitutions

if you’re going to cook there’s two ways to do it. wing it and taste as you go or use a recipe (but we all know using a recipe every time you cook isn’t real cooking). it’s ok to use a recipe as a reference to see how to use an ingredient you are not familiar with. that makes sense. but does it ever make sense to pull out a recipe and make something different?

i mean you are consciously trying to make the food like the recipe, but decide on your own what you should add and what you shouldn’t? that’s like substituting vinegar for oil!

if you are trying to make a salad dressing that requires vinegar, mustard, honey, pomegranate juice, and molasses and leave out two ingredients. it’s not the same thing! stop telling yourself it is!

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Mmmm Mmmm Good

so what am i making for christmas eve?  i guess i can tell you all now.

lettuce wraps with chicken, cabbage, carrots, and peppers in a spicy mandarin orange sauce

butternut squash and apple soup

a spinach salad with assorted apples, toasted walnuts, and gorgonzola tossed with a pomegranate vinaigrette

horseradish encrusted beef tenderloin

wild rice with cranberries and pecans

carrots glazed in a brown sugar syrup

and for dessert….


chocolate truffles

coconut cupcakes

gingerbread trifle with a lemon curd whipped cream and blackberry sauce

mmmm…i’m eating this as we speak

December 24, 2008 at 6:00 pm 1 comment

Crunch Time

well i’m back on the east coast, and my social calendar is filling up. i love this time of year. this weekend i’m getting together with a friend to build a kickass gingerbread mansion then going to a PC vs BC basketball game as an alumni…geez i’m old.

i’ve also been doing some holiday shopping. so what do you get for the mom who has everything? a savings account for the boat “she’s always wanted.” since my dad’s semi-retired i decided to him some house slippers, just like his mother use to wear. for my sister:
Bow-dacious Clutch…in purple of course.  with a ring.  when i called to ask what size i should get, this is how she responded: “large diamond”.  yeah me too.  as for dc hero, he’ll have to wait and see.

christmas eve is coming up!! and that means a big yummy meal at my house with my dad’s family.  i would put up the menu next week, but we like to keep it a surprise…because people hate not knowing a good secret; just like i hate not knowing what my christmas presents are.  when i was a kid my mom had to start hiding them at my aunt’s house because i knew all the hiding places at our house.  i’ve gotten better but i still love to give them a good shake.

make fun all you want but i’ve got to get back to listening to josh groban and michael buble christmas music…

December 16, 2008 at 3:47 pm 1 comment

More Rhino!

up until 4 pm today was great.  i baked some goodies like red velvet, monster cookies, blondies, and reese cookies.  i carved a pumpkin, and it actually looked like the spider that i was shooting for.  i, also, took an adventurous ride through the country on a vehicle known as the Rhino.  but then i noticed a sore throat.  on a day filled with so much fun, i had to wonder if my body was punishing me for it.

since i thought it was just a sore throat, i went to the gym and laughed back at my body, thinking things like, “take that!”  but eventually it wasn’t funny anymore, and my body was at its wits end.  i took my temperature…100.4. so i go to a walk in clinic and here comes the throat swabbing (i’ve become a pro at these, i get many more than the average person).  so what’d they find?


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Huskers Maze

i’m really excited because my mom is coming next weekend.  i haven’t seen her since august 14th….it’s been a little while.  and with her visit coming up it’s giving me an excuse to do things in the city that I haven’t done yet.  first on my list is Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.  vala’s has an amazing corn maze and of course this is what it looks like:


besides the maze they have a haunted farmhouse, pumpkins (as if you didn’t realize it), pig races (yes i said PIG RACES), a pumpkin cannon (similar to the potato gun, I imagine), and caramel apples…yum.  if anything says “Fall” to me, it’s caramel apples…and apparently my mom too.

she called last week to ask if vala’s had them because she was craving one.  if you knew my mom you would understand how funny this is.  she doesn’t eat many sweets, just on special occasions and the way she asked was just so cute.  Sometime I feel like her my mom and have to cut her off when she has too much, usually when she’s drinking wine. (her friends gave her article how wine prevents alzheimers which is proudly displayed in a frame on our dining room table).  anyway…back to the topic…I LOVE FALL!! i don’t care that i’m 22 and have a craving to carve pumpkins and roast the seeds.  I want to drink my apple cider and eat my apple too!  oh and my roommate got the martha stewart halloween magazine…i can’t wait to make my own creations. haha, i’m such a dork, but i love it too much to give it up.

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