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I’m Blind!

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shopping online is great.  you get to hop from store to store and view every item without having to do more than click your mouse.  but there is one problem that needs immediate attention. 

let’s say you are shopping and you want to look at pants.  you don’t want to keep clicking “next page” so instead you click “view all.”  but here’s the real question: is there ever a circumstance when you don’t want to view all?  NO! 

i’m greedy and i want to see all of the possibilities.  don’t limit my fashion views, just give me the real deal.  i can handle it.  it should be assumed you want to view all, don’t make me click it.


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Memories I’ll Never Lose

Every man’s memory is his private literature.  ~Aldous Huxley

you learn the most about someone through their posessions. you can tell the most about me from two boxes that i keep in my closet. inside you’ll find things like ticket stubs, play bills, and airline tickets. but you’ll also find some real gems.

a game of mash.  i played with a waiter at my job. since i couldn’t think of any crushes he made the guy selections for me, and put his name in all five slots. i’m just saying…that wouldn’t be horrible.

my first license. i refused to give it to my sister, so instead i gave her my first (and only) fake id. it might say she’s 29 but it’s not expired. it doesn’t expire till 2025.

extra swarovski crystals from a pair of 7 jeans that i bought on the side of nyc street. just $40…what a bargain. i’m pretty sure they are real.

a business card from a former boss who i had the biggest crush on. and for the record he’s five years older than me.

a picture of a friend making out with a guy in a dark private room. i didn’t take it, but i made sure i got a copy. she always swore she’d get me back…hasn’t happened yet.

the milf code. a little something i wrote up with my friends to make sure we stay on the right track in terms of staying fit and looking hot for life. i’d share a few lines, but i think my friends would kill me.

everything i mentioned is from the last four years of my life.  so here’s to hoping another boy won’t give me a beaker as a gift of adoration.  this weekend i’m off to nyc to make more memories i’ll never lose.

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Crunch Time

well i’m back on the east coast, and my social calendar is filling up. i love this time of year. this weekend i’m getting together with a friend to build a kickass gingerbread mansion then going to a PC vs BC basketball game as an alumni…geez i’m old.

i’ve also been doing some holiday shopping. so what do you get for the mom who has everything? a savings account for the boat “she’s always wanted.” since my dad’s semi-retired i decided to him some house slippers, just like his mother use to wear. for my sister:
Bow-dacious Clutch…in purple of course.  with a ring.  when i called to ask what size i should get, this is how she responded: “large diamond”.  yeah me too.  as for dc hero, he’ll have to wait and see.

christmas eve is coming up!! and that means a big yummy meal at my house with my dad’s family.  i would put up the menu next week, but we like to keep it a surprise…because people hate not knowing a good secret; just like i hate not knowing what my christmas presents are.  when i was a kid my mom had to start hiding them at my aunt’s house because i knew all the hiding places at our house.  i’ve gotten better but i still love to give them a good shake.

make fun all you want but i’ve got to get back to listening to josh groban and michael buble christmas music…

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i love britney and i think everyone knows that by now. tonight there was a special on mtv which highlighted her best videos with commentary by some of her fans. during the show i was talking to ms mia madison. it was then when we realized how many things in our lives we did because of britney.

– both wanted her red abercrombie pants from baby one more time video
-we put walkmen on our waistbans and pretended they were mic sets and sang brit songs
-watched crossroads
-wanted fedoras
-laid on the floor and re-enacted her scene when she’s wearing all white in the oops video
-still watch the diane sawyer interview and cry everytime she talks about justin (and of course wishing they’ll get back together)
-and of course try to recreate britney costumes

britney: for the record will air november 30th at 10pm on mtv…be there

p.s. sophia’s ringtone for her brother is “womanizer”….hilarious!

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i’ve read many great books in my life (everyone worth knowing, something borrowed, summer sisters), but the greatest book of all is my journal.  i’ve been writing for the past 6 years.  i write every day, whether there is something exciting, depressing, or not.  it contains some of the most personal emotions and thoughts that i will never share with anyone (it will be written in my will for them to be destroyed after i pass).  my journal, not to be confused with a diary which has a lock and key, is my favorite book.  i use it to document my life and the way i feel at those times.  yes, it’s predictable, seeing as i wrote it and all, but it tells some of the best stories.  most of these stories i forget with time, but as i read it they all come back to life.  it’s like being back in that state of mind and circumstances.  although i rarley give my journal to anyone to read i’ve highlighted some lines for your enjoyment (i’ll even use exact text).

“when we were out a random guy leaned in and told me ‘you look a lot like my future ex-wife’ ok creepy much?”

“i feel like he’s always gonna be in my life in one form or another and will always break my heart whether he means to or not…great!”

“my mom called today to make sure i was still breathing…how thoughtful”

“i felt better right away cause he looked me up and down and complimented my top”

“he imed me and said ‘hey princess’…at least he has my name right”

“it was probably a mass text but i couldn’t resist the urge and responded”

“i found ‘wish upon a star’ on youtube…what a day!”

“today i couldn’t think of anything besides dance”

“he told me to dress in a batman uniform to win any guy’s attention”

“since it’s friday we all wore dresses”

“i think i have a dylan”

obviously i can’t give away any of the really good stories.  i wanted to write two other lines, but i had to protect the privacy of one of my friends and i couldn’t boost the ego of another blogger, who’s ego is already pretty big.

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Total Opposites

I thought I was done with this whole blog scene, but I can’t hold this in any longer.  Yesterday I found out who one of my roommates will be in Nebraska.  I immediately told my cousin who will also be a roommate since she was at work….and she started her research right aka facebook.  And this is what she found:

A picture of her glady holding a dead deer with blood flowing out of its mouth.  Who put’s pictures like that on facebook?  It’s one thing to be a hunter, that I deal with as I have many in my family, but this is a whole nother level.  I couldn’t freak out fast enough.  My cousin kept investigating (since she friended her….this will be a theme of everyone we meet in Nebraska) and I didn’tand made a note of her interests: camping, fishing, boating, (and most obviously) hunting…I don’t think we could be more opposite. 

We sent the picture to family and friends.  The exact I got from my most recent roommate at PC was “FUCK.”  I guess she just said what we were all thinking. 

Eventually I had to leave for work and allowed my mind to think of other things for the next few hours until this morning when my mom asked about her.  She told me my aunt told her about her name, where she’s from, etc. , but all I kept saying was “yeah, but do you know?”…so I showed her.  My mom tried to stay reasonable, and asked what other pictures of her looked like.  But since I’m the way I am (not extremely friendly or stalkerish) I did not friend her on facebook, so I all I could go by was the little picture by her name in a search.  In which everything seems like something I can deal with. 

Then she tried to play if off differently, “what if she was your roommate at PC?”  But let’s be real, girls like that don’t go to PC or if they do I’ve never knew because they keep it a secret because they know it’s not socially acceptable.  And even my mom who’s been around hunting her entire life kept saying the same thing “but why would she put that picture on facebook?”….my point exactly.  But the best response of the day was from DC Hero: ” I think you’re going to learn a lot from living out there.”

As a contrast the first picture in my profile is me in a dress with all my friends as we are ready to go to a school function.  She probably would be freaking out if she saw my profile too…my interests include fashion, dancing, and britney.

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Would You Rather…

Would you rather wear a message tee that reads “i am so worth it” or wear socks with sandals?

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