This Ain’t A Fairy Tale

January 26, 2009 at 3:04 pm Leave a comment

the title is a reference to the taylor swift song “white horse” check it out

like we’ve seen parents are funny, but whats funnier is parents when they were our age. last week i went out to dinner with a friend and her family. her mom was regaling me with stories of her and her husband when they first started dating.

when a woman starts dating a guy theres two things that run through her head: is he my prince charming? or is he a psycho killer? most of us take the appropriate steps to figure out which he is, and if he’s neither we don’t hang on for too long. instead of him picking her up at her house (which would obviously be the wrong way to go), she had him pick her up at her aunt’s house. but the most shocking thing, was he did the same thing! he had her drop him off on the side of the road with no house in sight! way to be alert.

one night after they had being seeing each other for a while they went out with their friends separately, but it happened to be the same bar. the problem: she was playing hard to get. so she walked past him, and didn’t acknowledge him….gutsy. but he didn’t let it slide. what do you think would happen if you did that? why he or she call you out? i think i’d get ripped to shreds.


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