Bet You Didn’t Know This

September 3, 2008 at 8:05 pm 1 comment

when i checked my mailbox the other day, i got a notice that i received a package.  i got all excited but equally frustrated that i couldn’t pick it up because the office had closed for the weekend.  i spent a good portion of my weekend trying to figure out who sent it.  i sent texts to everyone i thought it could be, but i found no answer.  it occured to me on monday night, it was from a pharmacy.  yeah that’s right drugs.  but to me they’re more than just drugs.

they keep me calm.  they keep me “normal,” as if there is a normal.  they keep me from having break downs and outbursts.  they’re over the counter supplements and vitamins to treat depression.

i’m very open about my mental status, but it’s not something i blab about with anyone.  if people ask why i take these drugs or if the topic comes up, i tell them.  it’s something that i think is very misunderstood.  if you know me, but didn’t know i had depression, you probably wouldn’t describe me as “crazy.”  it’s a disease that affects more people than you think.  and it’s also something that can be treated very easily.

i, myself, have taken antidepressants and had a therapist.  and once my therapist thought i was better, i went off the drugs.  it wasn’t before long, that my depression became a problem and struggle again.  this is when i was introduced to the Pfeiffer Treatment Center.  I have been working with pfeiffer for a year now, and love what they do.  it’s an interesting approach to healthcare to treat many different diseases like ADD, post traumatic stress syndrome, bipolar, parkinsons, and many others.  if these or other biochemical imbalence disease effect you or someone else, i highly suggest looking into pfeiffer.

the reason i’m so open about my condition is to help other people.  and thus far many people have come to me because they think they are experiencing similar symptoms.  so i hope i’ve helped someone out there.


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  • 1. Paula  |  December 23, 2008 at 10:26 am

    I have a family member who is taking compounded supplements from the Pfeiffer Ctr. in Warrenville, IL as treatment for depression. We are not seeing much in the way of results after six months of treatment and the people at the Pfeiffer Clinic are not very forthcoming in answering our questions/providing follow-up. It sounds as though the Pfeiffer approach is working well for you. Did it take a year for you to see any improvement in your depression? Would be very grateful for any insight you can provide, as we are wondering whether it is worth it to continue with Pfeiffer. Thank you!

    i can certainly see how frustrating that must be for you and your family. i started to see results after a month, maybe a bit longer. everything wasn’t instantly better, but i wasn’t having my episodes anymore…which was very noticeable. since my initial visit i did receive a follow up phone call from my nurse a few months after treatment began. this summer i went back for a second visit to reevaluate my compounding supplements, and as a result i was put on new supplements while other dosages of previous ones were changed. so yes it has worked for me. but i also know others that it hasn’t worked for.

    depression runs in my family so a few just needed temporary help while others have a chronic case like myself. an uncle of mine tried the treatment, saw no results and has since tried other forms of treatment, but i’m not sure what those are. i would encourage you to get in touch with the nurse who was the nurse for the visit. that nurse should be able to help you to make the appropriate adjustments.


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