Cosmo Gold Digger Edition

August 20, 2008 at 7:53 pm Leave a comment

Time to bash Cosmo again.  I’ll admit i use to buy the magazine, but then i soon realized every issue was the same.  And this month there’s something even more frightening than monotony: a guide essentially chronicling how to be a gold digger.   Are you serious?  A guy with money would make life easier, but it would be really boring. 

I dated a guy once who couldn’t stop talking about his money, in fact that’s what all our conversations were centered around.  He wanted me to feel free to order anything because, “money wasn’t an issue.”  he kept going on and on about this car that we wanted which he made sure to mention was expensive.  Needless to say, he only lasted a few dates.  But maybe it’s not just females who are obsessed with money. 

In the article they go on to tell you where rich guys hang out, what they do for a living, and what they’re like as a partner.  It sites hotel bars and steak houses as a place to meet these men, steak houses again?  Are you kidding me?  The article also warns gold diggers that most rich men have that appropriate radar.  But if you are a gold digger and want an insider tip here’s one: most rich guys have disguises.  For example, i know a guy who makes good bank, but often takes the subway and meets girls for dates instead of driving his car to pick her up.  He wants a girl to like him for who he is, and i can’t blame him. 

So the lesson of the day is, like someone for who they are.  You might end up rich, you might not, but you will be happy, and that is something money can’t buy.


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