Omaha, Somewhere in Middle America

August 15, 2008 at 11:03 pm Leave a comment

Well I’m here…Omaha, somewhere in middle america; and it was an interesting past few days leading up to today.

Two days ago while I was still at home packing and prepping for an adventure of a lifetime, my car left with some of my most “valuable” treasures inside.  My cousin, let’s call her sophia, and I made arrangements to send our cars.  With the price of fuel where it is, sending it is comparable to driving but is still more.  So she made a mental list of pros and cons of driving to omaha with her mom.  She realized that they would be arguing the entire ride because her mom, the godmother (as she will now be referred).  The godmother likes to drive in silence; radio, talking, and especially whistling are not allowed.  What a miserable and long ride.  So we called a company and scheduled a pick-up with a man named saba (this is where the story really gets interesting).

First the cars were to be picked up on monday, but no saba.  Then it was tuesday, no saba.  So finally we had enough of him, and wanted to protect ourselves.  We thought it was appropriate to ask for his full name, to which he replied, “why you wanna know? you no need to know.”  (for obvious hilarious reasons this has become the catch phrase for omaha…which has lead to it being posted on my facebook wall).  Eventually his driver showed and the cars were loaded.

My dad was there when they were loaded and was talking to the driver.  He asked him where he was from, the guy said, “Ukraine” (this is where you must use your imagination to make use of his accent that cannot be shown in type, just think U-Kkkkraine with that arabic like throat noise in the Kkkkr position).

So today, the cars pulled into NE and we are finally settled.  If this is the start of our adventure, I can’t wait for the rest of it to begin.


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If… Closet Doors?

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