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Being away from something makes you forget how much you hate it, but today I got to remember how much I hate walmart.  It’s the “ambience,” that creates an atmosphere that I just can’t stand. 

First off let’s deal with the cliental.  How come when I went today (Thursday at 2:00 pm) the store had lines out the door?  Why weren’t any of these people at work?  These people are spending money they don’t have…and instead are probably using welfare money to buy things they don’t need like nextel phones (why do most people on welfare have nextel?  is the company supported by the govn’t?).  You have kids running wild throughout the store and parents not giving a damn.  And when was the last time they took showers?

Next it’s the actual store.  There’s food splattered all over the floors, opened packages of food, and dented cans on the shelves.  And there always seems to be some type of strange odor emanating from the store.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were dead mice under racks of clothes.

I’ve come to the conclusion to avoid the store at all costs, but if I must, and I do mean MUST, I will only buy brand names.  I will not buy anything labeled “Sam’s Choice.”  I would rather pay more for the same items and avoid all of the above at Target.


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