College Review: Sketchiest Moment

May 13, 2008 at 1:00 am Leave a comment

Before I tell you the story of my sketchiest moment I need to give you some background.  For one reason or another, I am always the one in my group of friends to be hit on by the bouncers.  I have no idea why, so if someone can explain this phenomenon…please do.  So here we go…

I’m out with my friends when one bouncer decides I’m his lucky girl of the night.  When he talked to me I didn’t really know what to say back because I really didn’t want to entertain the thought in either of our heads; instead I just made some nervous laughter.  The night went on and I was back with my friends when he pulls one of them aside. 

I might be making a big assumption but I think she must have been pretty drunk by this point, because otherwise her giving him my number just wouldn’t make any sense.  So I get up to fix this situation when he starts telling me that he is enlisting in the army and will be leaving soon.  To prove it he showed me his shaved head which was covered by a hat because he was too ashamed of how he looked.  And like a member of the armed forces, he needed someone to write love letters to, and lucky me I was the chosen one. 

Can you say sketch ball? 


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