Spring 2008 Dance Club Show

April 30, 2008 at 7:42 pm Leave a comment

I have been so busy the past few weeks due my dance show that took place this past weekend.  We were having last minute rehersals up until the show, but I must say all the hard work payed off.  I was in two hip hop performances and modern dance. 

The first hip hop  was a mix of Kanye’s “Workout Plan,” Missy’s “I’m Really Hot,” and Unk’s “Walk It Out.”  The moves were pretty cool, there was even a push-up pyramid.  But by far the best part about it were the costumes.  We were told to wear 80s work out wear with tons of bright colors.  So of course me and my roommates went all out.  I was wearing a bright turquoise shirt with an exaggered cut out for my neck, with a racerback top underneath.  On the bottom I had grey leggins with orange runner’s shorts over them and of course bright pink pumas and knee high striped socks to match.  Oh and let’s not forget about the sparkley gold headband and red scrunchie.  When I get pictures I’ll upload them so you can have a good laugh.

The second hip hop dance was to two songs: “Get It Shawty” by Lloyd and “Now Drop” by Timbaland.  The first performance of it went well, but on the second night we had a bit of an accident.  One of the male dancers was jumping over another when he landed awkwardly on his bad knee (I hope he’s doing better now).  I didn’t even realize he wasn’t there till a point where I dance with him.  So I turned to my roommate (while on stage…not a good idea) and asked, “where is he?”  Instead of answer I got “the look,” so I just kept going and found out later.

The modern dance was one my roommate choreographed to Les Miserables’ song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” Apparently from what I heard this was the one dance in the show that was unlike any other and really stood out.  I even heard we brought people to the edge of their seats and had a few on the verge of tears because it was just like the actual performance in the musical.

Hopefully I’ll get the pictures up soon.  Right now they’re on my mom’s camera and she’s a little technology challenged, so you won’t see them until I upload them.  Until then, imagine as best you can.


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