Friends Trivia

March 17, 2008 at 3:29 pm Leave a comment


One of my favorite tv shows is Friends.  And if you watch the show I’m sure you remember the episode where Joey and Chandler challenge Monica and Rachel to a game of trivia to see who knows who better.

Monica: I just—I can’t believe that you think that you and Chandler know me and Rachel better than we know you.
Chandler: Well… we-we do. You can only eat Tic Tacks in even numbers.
Joey: Yeah, what’s that about?

So this past weekend my roommates and I had our own version of the game.  It was Club C verse Bar and Pub A (my team, and yes I know the name is repetitive).  And we stuck to the same categories they had in the show: pet peeves, ancient history, literature, and my personal favorite, it’s all relative.  Here’s two highlights:

Q: When, let’s call her Ann, was young she would sneak into the kitchen and eat this.
A: sticks of butter.

Q: When, let’s call her Jane, was little, she would have her Barbies do this.
A: do it.

In the end, my team did win but there was some controversy involving the lightning round.  Luckily we didn’t bet our apartment, “it’s too nice.”  The game just proves who knows more random shit about who.  Not to mention, the process is extremely entertaining.  If you haven’t seen that Friends episode go out and rent it, Season 4 episode 85.


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