Food Cravings

February 10, 2008 at 4:06 pm Leave a comment


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about food.  (So for all you new readers, I love to cook.)  What’s strange about food is you can have a full fridge and pantry and still be unsatisfied.  Just yesterday my mom had made a big pot of soup, which I normally love but instead I wanted peas and rice (a Lebanese dish…see recipe page for cooking instructions).

It’s weird how food cravings just hit you, and suddenly you can’t think of or want anything else.  It’s almost like a crush.  You think about how it makes you feel warm and tingly on the inside, and how a full plate still isn’t enough; you’ll always want more.  The food is so comforting and warms you right up.  And for me it even makes me smile just to think of it…. strange I know.  But think about it: Let’s say it’s last Sunday, you’re watching the big game, would you be satisfied with a salad?  No, you want the football craving foods: nachos, pizza, wings, beer, etc.  And even though you should stop eating, you don’t.  You keep eating until you feel sick because you can’t get enough of it.  In the end, you’re smiling and so happy.  And now thanks to writing this post I’m craving a snack, it never ends.


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