Phase 2

January 18, 2008 at 1:47 am 1 comment


Continuing with stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve made some big changes with things that may not seem like that big of a deal.  After reading an article about what your handwriting says about you, I decided to switch it up.  I normally have small size penmanship, and according to the article this means I unconsciously think I don’t deserve to take up room in this world.  So now I take up as much room as I think I’m worth.  Granted, unlike what some of you may think, it’s not huge, i’ve changed to a medium type.  And have forgotten about the use of borders, because this signals that I’m a planner.  If that is true then that tells me even my handwriting could use some spontaneity.  Both are small changes, that I think are making a big difference mentally.

I also have made a conscious effort to change my body language.  Although I didn’t read the book, my dad tells me a lot (My brother bought it for him for Christmas, because when we bring significant others home, we won’t want him to speak much.  Instead he must read their body language to interpret their personality.).  I naturally like to cross my arms or clasp my hands together.  This sends a very negative message; it means that you’re closed minded and not very outgoing.  So I’m trying to fight this, which often makes it looks like I am figeting, but in reality I just want to appear how I feel: open.  So we’ll see where this leads me.  I think both will help change my mindset, which is the motive behind staying in my comfort zone.

Here’s another blog I found with 18 ways to improve your body language.


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Wish Upon A Star Would You Rather…

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  • 1. dchero  |  January 18, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    I love it. Remember, the comfort zone is a barren wasteland. It’s where the seagulls go to die.


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