All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun

January 9, 2008 at 2:27 am Leave a comment


Well I’m back from Virgina, the job wasn’t good, but I got to spend a few days with my brother which was great.  I tend to worry a lot about my future, and he helped me put it all in perspective. 

I worry most about my finances, because the last thing I would want to be is poor.  But let me be serious, that would never happen.  I always will have family.  My parents will hopefully be around for a while, and if not there’s always my brother.  I know when he says I can turn to him he’s telling me the truth. 

I really admire him, because he’s so adventureous.  Just the other day he was talking about quitting his job, to travel the world.  He knows he doesn’t need his job, and really wants to experience life, and not waste his young days in an office.  For whatever reason, I didn’t get that gene.  The best advice he gave me on my trip, was to have fun and do something that I would enjoy.  There’s no rush to have a career, because that will come in time.


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