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December 27, 2007 at 5:32 am 1 comment


My brother told me about this blog, and I must admit I’m really impressed.  People write emails into the administrators of the blog about dating advice.  Some of the questions seem like common sense to me, so I find it funny that some people see it from such a different perspective.  In the post on November 27, 2006 (which makes me wonder if they have the date wrong, or if this blog is old), a girl writes in talking about a guy she lost contact with but recently has reappeared in her life.  Obviously this guy, since he didn’t call back after meeting up for the second time, attention and affection and nothing else.  But she wants another chance and is wondering why she hasn’t heard from him.  Classic dating dilemmas.  It seems to me that guys usually want a girl that is outgoing and available, but girls want the guys who are mysterious and taken.  Go figures!


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  • 1. drcorner  |  September 1, 2008 at 7:54 am

    What I look for in a girl is looks…looks and nothing else. If you’re fugly (too ugly to be considered ugly) for gett about it, you’re not worth my time or money.

    Okay, no I don’t actually think that…c’mon give me me credit here: I wasn’t raised to be a jerk towards women.

    Anyway, what I REALLY try to look for in a girl is her charisma , her brains, out-spoken and a self-thinker…

    And if I do consider looks (which I honestly try not too because these fade while a person’s true self never will), I don’t actually look for it, because it usually pops out at me (some girls have captivating eyes, or heart-melting smiles).

    Those are just my humble 2-Cents.

    confidence (ie charisma) is a huge attraction factor in men and women, that is if you’re looking for something with substance.


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