I’m Blind!

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shopping online is great.  you get to hop from store to store and view every item without having to do more than click your mouse.  but there is one problem that needs immediate attention. 

let’s say you are shopping and you want to look at pants.  you don’t want to keep clicking “next page” so instead you click “view all.”  but here’s the real question: is there ever a circumstance when you don’t want to view all?  NO! 

i’m greedy and i want to see all of the possibilities.  don’t limit my fashion views, just give me the real deal.  i can handle it.  it should be assumed you want to view all, don’t make me click it.


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i just made the most rachael ray meal that actually isn’t one yet: steak fajita pasta. 

1. place on water to boil.

2. chop onions and peppers.  pour pasta into pot.

3. saute veggies in a seperate pan.  in the last few minutes add pre cooked (leftover) steak and fajita seasoning (from a packet…cause it’s easy) and toss to combine.

4. drain pasta and toss in pan with veggies.

5. eat and enjoy.

ready for consumption in 15 minutes…i can’t wait 30 minutes to eat.  when i get hungry, i get hungry.

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Partying At “The Dome”

the weekend was interesting.  i saw a lot of people i was use to seeing every saturday night at college.  i also saw a few people i wanted to avoid, but failed miserably at.  i tried to just sit there and ignore certain creepers, but apparently i had an inviting look on my face that said “come closer, and put your arm around me.”

the best thing about alumni weekend was experiencing “the dome.”  what a fitting name for an off-campus house, because as dane cook says, “if you come there you know what the fuck’s up.”  the named dome room is actually the dj booth, the real magical room is the one behind that.  it was like being at a rave: fog machine on overload, lasers, black lights, and loud music.  but the dance floor didn’t really pick up till “i’m on a boat” came on…

shortly after a guy approaches mia madison, “will you dance with my friend he has down syndrome?”  that’s when she got scared, because he was actually something worse: a blacked out lacrosse player.  why weren’t all college parties like this?

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Would You Rather…

would you rather say everything that is on your mind or never speak?

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I Feel The Adrenaline Moving Through My Veins

in one month it’s just me, mia madison, and britney.  mia once said she could talk in britney lyrics in everyday speech, so for the concert how could we not do it?  and i guess we started practicing early because with alumni weekend looming, it got me and mia madison reminiscing…


miamadison: wat about george?

avav: remember how him and my ex roommate kept hooking up even after they found out they were related?

miamadison: hahaha yes. gross.


a guy like you should wear a warning…it’s dangerous


miamadison: did we ever have a crush on drunk joe?  thats wat betty sue told me. she said we had the “biggest crush on him”

miamadison: i dont believe it.

avav: yeah we did, we thought he was so cute. you don’t remember? we use to get nervous when he would walk into a room

miamadison: hahaha…gross.


i get the tingle i wanna mingle, that’s what i want


avav: we need to pick out our outfits too.  we have to look good so we don’t have to “dream about all the things that never were.”

miamadison: we should do manicures too. u gotta look good, head to toe

avav: i want to paint mine black or dark purple

miamadison: “french fingertips…something red lips…BITCH IS DANGEROUS”


should be a fun weekend. 


references were made to britney’s “circus,” “toxic,” “radar,” “out from under,” and “lace and leather.”

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Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

this is the coolest thing i’ve seen since napster: Listen To YouTube.com

you can make any video into an audio file.  think about all the  possibilities…

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He’s Just Not That Into Me

if guys avoid valentines day like the plague how did i end up with plans? 

well it’s not a date in my eyes, but my friends might think so.  the doctor and i are going to a movie.  he asked if we should do dinner before, but that felt inappropriate in a strange way, so i declined.  is it me or does this just seem odd?

like i said most men will do anything to get out of any sort of valentines day plans.  betty c’s boyfriend is going to hunting to avoid the holiday.  i view that as normal.  getting valentines card from my mom is all i ever want.

but in the end the doctor’s a friend and we’re going to see “he’s just not that into you.”  it reminds me of a time when i was on a date and saw the movie “just friends.”  i think the movie titles say it all.

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